Tom Peebles Grande Prairie obituary, Funeral | Suicide Rumors

Tom Peebles Grande Prairie obituary, Funeral Suicide Rumors

Grande Prairie, Alberta is reeling from the devastating loss of Dr. Thomas Peebles, a highly regarded medical professional and beloved family doctor. The untimely passing of Dr. Peebles has left the community in shock and mourning. While rumors have circulated online suggesting that Dr. Peebles died by suicide, a family member has vehemently denied these speculations. In a written statement released on Friday, June 9th, 2023, Scott Peebles, a member of the Peebles family, confirmed that the accomplished doctor met with a fatal accident while engaged in an experimental endeavor.

The Passing of Dr. Thomas Peebles

The news of Dr. Thomas Peebles’ tragic accident has sent shockwaves through the medical community of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Dr. Peebles was widely known and respected for his expertise and compassionate approach to medicine. His sudden departure has deeply affected friends, family, and colleagues who are grieving his loss.

Funeral Arrangements and Memorial Service

The Tom Peebles family, in their time of mourning, has expressed their intention to announce the details of the funeral arrangements at a later date. They understand the significance of sharing the necessary information concerning Dr. Peebles’ passing and the subsequent funeral proceedings with the community.

Remembering Dr. Tom Peebles

Dr. Thomas Peebles, also known as Dr. Tom Peebles, was a highly esteemed figure in the medical community of Grande Prairie, Alberta. He had earned a distinguished reputation not only in his local community but also in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as in Edmonton, Alberta. Dr. Peebles dedicated his career to serving as an emergency physician in the Grande Prairie area since 2003. His compassionate nature and expertise earned him the respect and trust of his patients.

Impact on the Community

The tragic loss of Dr. Tom Peebles has had a profound impact on the community of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Friends, family, and colleagues are struggling to come to terms with the sudden absence of a man who was not only an exceptional physician but also a source of comfort and support. The cherished moments shared with Dr. Peebles are being held close to the hearts of those who knew him.

A Colleague’s Tribute

A heartfelt tribute was released by a colleague who had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Peebles for 15 years. The colleague expressed their devastation upon receiving the news and extended their thoughts to everyone who loved and knew him. They spoke highly of Dr. Tom Peebles’s exceptional medical skills, kindness, and unwavering dedication to his patients. The community held immense respect for Dr. Peebles, with many intentionally seeking his care due to his reputation for providing high-quality treatment.

The Legacy of Dr. Thomas Peebles

Dr. Thomas Peebles leaves behind a legacy of compassion, respect, and excellence in the medical field. His loss is deeply felt by the entire community of Grande Prairie, Alberta. His family, friends, and those fortunate enough to have known him mourn his passing and remember him as a remarkable individual who made a lasting impact.


The tragic accident that claimed the life of Dr. Tom Peebles has left Grande Prairie, Alberta, in mourning. The community has lost an exceptional physician, compassionate family doctor, and trusted medical authority. Dr. Peebles will be remembered for his dedication to his patients and his unwavering commitment to providing high-quality care to those in need. His passing leaves a void that cannot be easily filled, and his memory will forever be cherished by those who had the privilege of knowing him.


Was Dr. Tom Peebles’s death confirmed to be an accident?

Yes, a family member confirmed that Dr. Peebles met with a fatal accident during an experimental endeavor.

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