Tof Henry Skier Cause of Death, Obituary, Age, Wiki

Tof Henry Skier Cause of Death, Obituary, Age, Wiki

Renowned skier and mountain legend, Tof Henry, tragically passed away on October 12, 2023. He was celebrated for his fearless and high-speed descent on the steep slopes of Chamonix, France, as well as other remarkable locations across the globe. At the time of his passing, Tof Henry was 33 years old and deeply devoted to big mountain sports.

Tof Henry Accident Details

The incident that claimed Tof Henry’s life occurred atop the Puntiagudo volcano in Chile, where he and fellow skier Juan Señoret were engaged in a daring skiing endeavor. Regrettably, both lost their lives, and a third individual sustained injuries in the same incident. The exact cause of this tragic accident remains unclear, although speculations point to the possibility of an avalanche or a precipitous fall.

In 2014, Tof Henry had a profound spiritual experience that inspired him to author the book “De Grote Waarheid” (The Great Truth), chronicling his spiritual journey and his vision of peace and love. He subsequently penned a sequel, “De grote liefde” (The Great Love), in 2017. His commitment to these ideals extended to speaking engagements and workshops on yoga, mantra meditation, and storytelling.

Tof Henry’s familial connections included being the son of the famous singer Willeke Alberti and Joop Oonk, the half-brother of Johnny de Mol, and the spouse of former footballer John van ‘t Schip. He leaves behind two children, Davey and Estelle, as well as a loving circle of family and friends.

The precise circumstances surrounding Tof Henry’s passing remain the subject of an ongoing investigation. Preliminary information suggests that an avalanche may have triggered the fatal fall of both skiers.

According to local reports, witnesses heard a loud noise before witnessing a substantial snowslide from the volcano. These reports also indicate that the two skiers plummeted from a cliff approximately 300 meters in height. Claudia Pailalef, the provincial delegate of Osorno, confirmed this unfortunate incident to Radio Bío Bío, noting the challenging weather conditions and terrain that hindered the rescue team’s efforts. She also mentioned that the victims were fully equipped and held all necessary permits for their activity.

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