Strawberry Super Moon 2022 | What is a Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Super Moon 2022

The article provides information related to the Strawberry Super Moon 2022 and the Buck Moon’s timing details.

Have you ever witnessed the beautiful appearance of the Strawberry Super Moon? Are you aware of the timings to view the amassing Super Moon 2022? You are on the right article to have all the information about the Super Moon! Following the current statement by NASA related to the Super Moon, the news is gone viral in the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

Let us look at the recent trending topic of the Strawberry Super Moon 2022.

What is a Strawberry Moon | Super Moon?

The event in which the full moon phenomenon takes place when the Earth is very close to the elliptical orbit of the moon than an average full moon, and it also appears a bit huge and about 30% more bright than in normal conditions, particularly when it rises over the horizon in the ideal weather conditions. The event is rare and happened with its amassing view in June 2022. However, those who got left out to view the rare event are fortunate to have the opportunity to view the fantastic Super Moon in July 2022.

What is a Strawberry Moon | Super Moon?

The rare event of Super Moon, also known as Strawberry Super Moon 2022, will happen one more time from 13th to 15th July 2022. The full moon event is also known as the buck moon. The American tribes, now the eastern part of the United States, termed it the buck moon. As per NASA, this is when the new antlers of the male deer/bucks are seen in the perfect stage of growth. The Super Moon of July is also known as Thunder Moon, the name given by the Old Farmer’s Almanac based on the frequent thunderstorms that occur in the hot month of summer.

buck moon

There is always a conflict as some people term the full moon of May as Super Moon while some people feel the August moon to be the one. Hence, the phenomenon will be in view for 4 months. As per the distance from the Earth as the July moon gets full, with the closest range of 222,089 miles from the Earth, the 13th July moon will be the largest and the brightest full moon appearance in 2022.

Strawberry Super Moon 2022 Timings

It is always a boon to view the Super Moon in the night sky, and the people who missed out on the amazing view are fortunate to view the Strawberry Super Moon 2022 again from 13th to 15th July 2022. As per the information from NASA, the Strawberry Super Moon 2022 will last for 3 days on Wednesday.

 The full moon will be much brighter as it will be the closest to the Earth. The Strawberry Super Moon was seen in June 2022, and now you can view the buck moon, which shows the development of the bucks. The view is magnificent as the Earth is at the maximum distance from the Sun in the aphelion stage. If you missed the Strawberry Super Moon, you should surely view the buck moon this time! The distance between the July full moon (buck moon) and Earth will be nearly 357,264 km. The buck moon visually appeared at around 02:38 PM EDT on Wednesday, 13th July 2022.

Final Words

It is very fortunate to be able to view the rare event of the Super Moon as it allows you to look at the amassing view of the full moon. The article gives information regarding the Strawberry SuperMoon 2022, the recent buck moon, and its timings.