What Happens During a Sports Massage Burien, WA?

What Happens During a Sports Massage Burien, WA?

Our massage therapist will review your current health, lifestyle, and pertinent medical record with you during your initial visit. A whole body massage isn’t necessary for us. Instead, our massage therapist concentrates on your issue regions, like frozen shoulder or strained hamstrings.

It combines basic and advanced deep tissue massage methods to stimulate blood and lymph fluids circulation during a Sports Massage Burien WA that’s both effective and safe to use. As a results of trigger point therapy, adhesions or knots in muscles are often weakened, resulting in a greater range of motion. Combining these two techniques improves blood flow to tired muscles, hastening recovery time. It also assists in returning blood to the guts and therefore the circulation of lymph and interstitial fluids throughout the body, all of which are critical for overall health.

When do you have to get a sports massage?

Sports massages are recommended for athletes three to seven days before a race or large event. this permits you to get rid of all traces of the waste materials generated during the massage, also as any lingering discomfort.

Scheduling your next massage for 2 to 3 days following your workout is useful. Your muscles should be relaxed but not completely exhausted before you start. If you haven’t been hurt, this is often the time to possess a deep tissue massage and a few myofascial release.

Who can enjoy it?

A Sports Massage Burien WA has several advantages that anybody may enjoy, no matter your level of athleticism. It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive or leisure athlete, a busy housewife, or a worried CEO. After their massage, many of our clients say they feel “ironed out.”


Athletes that receive frequent sports massages are more flexible and active thanks to this treatment protocol. Listed below are seven advantages of a Sports Massage Burien WA for athletes:


Many athletes are bothered by minor aches and pains also as long-term injuries. As a result, a hurting athlete may perform worse. It’s because pain impairs their bodies’ capacity to function.

According to the results of 1 study, massage therapy increases the synthesis of mitochondria within the body. The mitochondria, a sort of energy cell, aids in muscle repair and pain management. Reducing an individual’s discomfort also as their inflammatory response.


It is unavoidable to urge an injury when participating in sports. Although athletes expect injuries, the pain and suffering related to rehabilitation are often excruciating.

Taking 60-minute Sports Massage Burien WA2 hours after an accident or an extended training session features a good effect. A massage has been shown to scale back delayed-onset muscle pain, consistent with research. Additionally, this method accelerates the healing and recovery of muscle and joint damage.


Having a Sports Massage Burien WA can help with various health issues, including better and more consistent blood circulation. Consistent with the results of 1 research, massage treatment can enhance blood flow while also reducing muscular pain. Additionally, after a game or other physically demanding activity, getting a massage helps to reinforce vascular function.

#4 INCREASES MOBILITY and adaptability 

As a result, it improves mobility and adaptability by boosting the blood flow to the muscular tissues and fascia one or two days before an occasion. Thus, athletes’ performance also can be improved by increasing their mobility and adaptability.


While you’ve got a sports massage, your body releases endorphins, which aids in releasing these neurotransmitters. The pituitary and hypothalamus release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Endorphins released into the body assist in decreasing pain and alleviate anxiety, boost mood, and improve an athlete’s wellness.


A Sports Massage Burien WA helps athletes relax and sleep better by reducing stress and inducing calm. For athletes, getting adequate and good sleep is crucial since it helps them recover faster from injuries. This also aids in enhancing overall performance.


After a game or workout, Sports Massage Burien WA assists the muscular system to perform better. A massage’s therapeutic system aids within the stimulation and toning of both the body and therefore the psyche. As a result, maximum relaxation and a sensation of physical, mental, and emotional completeness are achieved.

Why the Blue Lotus Spa?

Our Sports Massage therapist in Burien, WA, is that the best within the business. We use our abilities to massage the body with appropriate pressure on the grips, forearms, and elbows. Additionally, we use our talents to massage. As a result, those that overuse their muscles, whether at work or during an exercise, experience less tension and anxiety. Would you mind getting to bluelotusspa.net for further information?