Trending Smile Dating Test on TikTok | Ktestone smile dating test

Trending Smile Dating Test on TikTok | Ktestone smile dating test

TikTok users are keen to identify their dating personality with the utilization of the smile dating test that has gone viral on the TikTok social media platform. Let us check how it works.

In this recent era of social media trends, there is a large number of different types of quizzes and tests that are conducted on TikTok going viral on the platform, and the users have found it interesting to compare their results with their friends and other TikTok users and share it on the platform. The tests include the viral ‘Mental Age’ quiz, Goth chart test, and more.

The most recent trending test that TikTok users are fascinated with is the Ktestone smile dating test. The quiz involves finding out the dating style which is represented by a smiley icon and the users share their videos on the TikTok platform in order to compare and discuss the results with other users on the platform. If you are willing to try the test by yourself, then here’s the way to do it.


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How to explore the smile dating test on TikTok

To check out the smile dating test, follow the steps:

  1. Visit the limestone website to conduct the test.
  2. Select ‘Going to do a test’.
  3. Now patiently answer the 12 questions by selecting the most relevant option that you relate to.
  4. After completing the answer to these questions, you will be redirected to the results page which will show what type of smile you are with a relevant justification for the smile result. Upon scrolling down further, you can clearly witness the smiles you would be compatible with.

Once you are done with the test and received the result, you are allowed to capture a screenshot of the result and then upload it in a TikTok video and compare the results with your other mates and followers.

Final Words

The Smile Dating Test has gained much limelight on the platform and with its increasing popularity, the users have developed a craze to conduct this test and some have gathered thousands of likes and views for sharing the videos featuring the Smile Dating Test.

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