Smart Ways to Increase Workplace Diversity: Guide for Business Owners

Smart Ways to Increase Workplace Diversity Guide for Business Owners

In the modern workplace, having a diverse team of employees is important. Some of the benefits of this include:

  • A wider pool of talent
  • Different ideas and perspectives
  • An improved company image and culture

The best part is that achieving a diverse workforce is actually super easy. Within a matter of months, you can diversify your team and build it for the future with no time wasted. 

Eager to learn more? Great! Here’s a closer look at some smart ways to increase workplace diversity quickly and efficiently. 

  • Assess Your Existing Workforce 

Firstly, you need to assess your existing workforce so that you can create a diversity plan moving forward. 

The best way to assess your workforce is by using business intelligence reports. These reports will provide you with detailed insight into your current workforce diversity and other key factors. When the data is in front of you, it’s very easy to understand and identify trends. For example, you might see that one specific department is lacking in diversity. Get started with your business intelligence reports by utilizing software for HR

  • Highlight Diversity Goals on Your Business Website 

Make your diversity goals clear on your website so people can see them. This way, when potential candidates see your job postings and check out your website, they will feel more positive about sending their applications to you, as you are clearly a company that cares about diversity. 

  • Post Job Vacancies to Indeed and LinkedIn 

Indeed and LinkedIn are two platforms that are rich with diverse candidates. Here, you can find candidates from all backgrounds and walks of life, from different national origins to different ages. Essentially, it makes adding diverse employees to your team a lot easier. 

  • Use Diversity Job Boards 

In addition to Indeed and LinkedIn, your business should also take advantage of the many diverse job boards that are available on the internet, such as DiverseJobsMatter. These types of boards are just like regular job boards, except they’re specifically focused on diversity and inclusion. Again, this is ideal if you’re a business that’s actively looking to diversify your workforce. 

  • Create a Referral Program 

Referrals play a big role in how vacancies get filled in the modern era. Therefore, you should create a referral program where existing employees are rewarded for referring diverse candidates to you. As your organization grows, your program can continue to drive new and exciting candidates in your direction. 


According to LinkedIn, 76% of employees and job seekers say that diversity is a vital factor when considering a job offer. Essentially, what this means is that more people than ever want the companies they join to be diverse. This is why diversifying your workforce should be a top priority over the coming years. You’ll be able to experience tons of benefits as a result as well as giving your company a major competitive edge in today’s job market.

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