Singer Jon Liebing Obituary, Cause of Death, Wiki

Singer Jon Liebing Obituary, Cause of Death, Wiki

Tragically, the music industry is in mourning as we bid farewell to the immensely talented musician and singer, Jon Liebing.

On the somber day of Monday, July 17, 2023, Jon Liebing obituary was officially announced, shattering the hearts of his friends, family, and colleagues.

Jon Liebing Cause of Death

on Liebing was a guitarist and singer who suffered a severe injury in October 2022, potentially hindering his ability to perform. Regrettably, he passed away on Monday, July 17, 2023.

The cause of Jon Liebing death and the circumstances surrounding it have not been disclosed by the family or authorities. Perhaps, in due time, they will choose to reveal these details when they deem it appropriate.

At present, the family has not finalized the specific arrangements for funeral services and other commemorations. However, once they do, they will inform the public so that his loved ones can join in honoring his final moments.

Jon Liebing Wiki:

Jon Liebing was an exceptional vocalist and guitarist. A close friend affirmed, “He was also quite possibly one of Central New York’s most underappreciated drummers.”

Hailing from the CNY community, Jon was renowned as a legendary songwriter. Many individuals regarded Jon as an inspiration and guiding light as they embarked on their own musical journeys.

Recalling his early days, fellow musician Jay fondly remembers how Jon motivated him. Jay will forever be grateful for Jon’s unwavering support and the unexpected performance opportunities that arose from their sporadic phone calls, even if they occasionally encountered scheduling conflicts.

Jon will be celebrated for his songwriting, his soulful singing, his mastery of the guitar, his sense of humor, and the profound and enduring connections he forged with countless individuals. His remarkable skills on the guitar will also be hailed.


As the news of the gifted guitarist and singer’s departure spreads, an overwhelming wave of sorrow and condolences floods social media.

“Jon Liebing, a longtime friend, and musician from Central New York, has sadly left us. We first met when we were 17. Jon and his brother Kim formed a duo and often performed Fogelberg’s music. Jon tragically lost Kim to suicide in 1981, devastating everyone who knew his gentle spirit… especially Jon. Jon had also lost another brother, a sister, and his parents. Music was an essential part of Jon’s soul, and he was dearly loved.”

“These beautiful tributes to Jon Liebing are simultaneously heartwarming and heart-wrenching. He will forever be remembered for his songwriting, his mesmerizing vocals, his guitar virtuosity, his humor, and the deep and enduring friendships he cultivated with more people than he ever needed to. He would be the last person to claim perfection, but if he ever did, you can be certain he’d find the perfect rhyme for it. For those who never had the pleasure of knowing him, it is a tremendous loss. For the rest of us, it is an even greater loss. Rest in peace, brother.”

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