Singer Anders Sandberg Obituary, Age, Wife, Cause of Death

Singer Anders Sandberg Obituary, Age, Wife, Cause of Death

Anders Sandberg, the famed singer known as Dagger from the Swedish group Rednex, unexpectedly passed away on January 23, 2024, at the age of 55. Renowned for hits like “Cotton Eye Joe” and “The Chase,” the cause of his death remains undisclosed. Fans and fellow musicians have expressed their shock and grief on social media.

Bo Anders Sandberg, also referred to as “Dagger,” was born on May 3, 1968, in Kiruna, Sweden. His untimely death occurred on January 22, 2024, in Hedemora, Sweden. Bo Anders Sandberg, a prominent figure in the country rock genre, had a career spanning from 1984 to 2024.

Beginning his journey with Rednex in 2001, Anders Sandberg Rednex rejoined the group in 2009 after a six-year hiatus, contributing significantly until his passing. Rednex, known for lively performances, continued to captivate audiences at nostalgia festivals, reviving the spirit of 90s and 2000s music.

One notable event was their participation in the ‘Vi elsker heroes’ caravan, a celebration of iconic 90s and 2000s music. Anders passing marks a poignant chapter in Rednex’s history, leaving behind a legacy cherished by fans and bandmates.

Singer Anders Sandberg Obituary, Age, Wife, Cause of Death

Anders Sandberg Rednex Wife and Childern

Rednex, a Swedish musical group blending techno, dance-pop, country, folk, and bluegrass, was formed in 1994. They gained international success with the debut single “Cotton Eye Joe,” which dominated charts worldwide.

With six studio albums, numerous singles, and over 15 million records sold globally, Rednex has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Bo Anders Sandberg is survived by his wife, Susanna Sandberg, and three children: Emma Bergdahl, Patrik Höglund (son), and Sandra R Källberg.

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