Should I Consider Investing in Custom Shirts for My Company?

Should I Consider Investing in Custom Shirts for My Company?

When looking for better ways to advertise either to your customers through giveaways or for your staff to make impressions, you probably hear a lot of people suggesting company shirt printing or company shirt embroidery. Custom shirts both for staff and for giveaways are a bit of a cliché, that is true. However, like many clichés, they have achieved the status for a reason. What reason would that be? Well, put simply, they work.

Let’s talk a little bit about why they work, because this all boils down to sociology and psychology, and using sociology and psychology to make a point is just what advertising, marketing and general business are all about.

We are extremely sensory-driven creatures, and due to obvious reasons, one of the most immediate and powerful senses we have is sight. You see, every time someone sees you, your closing makes an immediate impression on them, regardless of whether or not they are making their true first impression with your not. Along with this, logos and clever lettering are extremely powerful as far as brand identity goes. We instantly recognize the Coca-Cola lettering for the Pepsi logo for we even hear the name or think about the beverage itself. This goes for just about anything. Conversely, when you think about a company, their logo almost immediately pops in your head, possibly accompanied by a jingle in certain cases, hearing being almost as powerful as sight.

So, let’s talk about the combination of these and the effect it has. It makes an immediate impression through the clothing, the logo and the mixture of the two, and the fact that you bothered to have custom clothing made says that you are passionate about your business, meaning that it is admirable branding along with effective branding.

Now, let’s talk very briefly about the two types of shirts that you could have done, arguably three. The third one that we are really going to delve much into his applying rubber logos to the fabric, something that is expensive and far more limited than the other two. Company shirt printing involves printing the logo with a special type of printer at a high-resolution, using special ink and transfer paper. Heat is used to cause this to sublimate onto the fabric. This is the most affordable and most diverse way to handle this, however, the dyes are susceptible to fading from sunlight, as well as washing, so these shirts don’t last forever.

Company shirt embroidery can create as complicated of a logo, and is probably the most expensive way to make a shirt, requiring special machines to cut the fabric and apply the embroidery and stitching. The advantage of these, however, is that they are nicer shirts overall, and they do last a lot longer if they are treated well. If you are printing these for staff, embroidery is the way to go, but if they are giveaways, printing is the way to go, people don’t expect a free shirt to last forever.

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