The life and death of Shanann Watts: How social media brought her justice

Shanann Watts

In Frederick, Colorado, United States, the story of the decade, which made shocking news nationwide as well as worldwide, worried several couples, families, parents, and particularly teenagers and adolescent children in 2018! A 15-week pregnant Shanann Watts, tiredly walked into her home on a little late in the evening on August 12th, 2018 after having travelled to Arizona for her business meetings the whole day, (as confirmed on Shanann Watts facebook page).

She wished Chris would patch up and come back to her, through a handwritten letter she wrote on this Arizona trip. After dinner, and tucking in her daughters, the elder Bella (4-year-old) and a younger Celeste (3-year-old) to bed, she retired into her bedroom to catch up on her sleep. 

What began as a connection on Shanann Watts Facebook account, shortly after breaking off her first marriage, Chris Watts became her second husband soon after she felt he was everything she wanted in a guy! Across 8 years of companionship, Shanann Watts had been happier, and more content than ever, being with Chris Watts; making it impossible for Shanann’s parents to believe what transpired! Her habit of posting her most intensely emotional moments on Shanann Watts Facebook, helped the pursuers of justice unravel the ghastly truth of her disappearance!

Coupled with her phone messages between Chris and Shanann Watts, it became eminently clear that something was amiss, and Chris had played some foul! Her best friend Addy, had known Chris Watts’ change of behavior after Shanann’s pregnancy gender reveal ultrasound appointment, as well as him staying physically and emotionally unresponsive ever since the USG test! Chris had been having an affair behind her back, and also went on a date, the day before he murdered his 2 daughters, their unborn boy, and his wife Shanann Watts

In this horrific story, the prime accused, Shanann’s husband Christopher Watts pleaded guilty to his crime on the 6th of November 2018! Just like the truly terrorizing stories, Christopher revealed, the gruesome details of how he had been planning for months of Killing Shanann (watts family), from his jail cell where he was interviewed by the FBI, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the Frederick Police Department. In this interview held in February 2018, Christopher narrated the exact course of events and how exactly he killed his entire family on that fateful 13th day of August 2018! 

Before he was sentenced to multiple life sentences by Jury and the Court, Attorneys for Shanann’s parents — Sandy and Frank Rzucek, on behalf of them — requested to not sentence Christopher Watts to the death penalty! Since the court found him guilty for several counts of first-degree murder, the court ordered 5 life sentences to Christopher, of which Christopher was sentenced to serve 3 life sentences in succession, and also eliminated any possibilities of him applying for any parole ever during his life sentences! It is during this jail life, Christopher Watts was interviewed, in which he elaborately explained his meticulous, bestial plan for killing Shanann (Watts facebook page).

Since his budding love affair with Nichol began, he wanted Shanann to abort their third child, a boy to be named Nico, as Christopher didn’t want any more of burden of children from his wife! The 33-year old Colorado man, Christopher had also been feeding Oxycodone to Shanann since many weeks, with a view to terminate her pregnancy, without her realizing it ever, that he had murdered their unborn child without her even knowing it! 

What Happened To Shanann Watts?

The crime scene details unfold with Shanann arriving home after the business trip for a Multi-level marketing company, called Le-Vel. Since 2013, they had filed for bankruptcy, following which Shanann sought a job, and thus, this home-selling product business. Later that night, Shanann and Christopher had an argument, pertaining to the extramarital affair Christopher revealed as having since a long time.

He demanded with Shanann, for allowing him to part ways with her, for being with his then lover, Nichol! During the argument, in a fit of rage, Christopher strangulated Shanann (as per Shanann watts autopsy details), which unfortunately was discovered by a first account witness! Their elder daughter Bella hadn’t slept off, and walked into their bedroom as Christopher had been busy wrapping Shanann Watts in sheets of plastic.

Regrettably, it was the end of the lifelines for the innocent Bella as well as her sister, Celeste. Although, the poor little girls had not seen Christopher kill their beloved mother, Bella had inquired her father as to “What are you doing with mommy?”, when he was wrapping the dead body of Shanann Watts! Subsequently, he coaxed the petite little angels into his truck, after he loaded the wrapped, dead Shanann watts body into it, and drove to his workplace premises, of Anadarko Petroleum.

About 45 minutes away from their residence, Christopher threw the wrapped body of Shanann into a shallow ditch soon after they reached the location. Since Celeste, their 3-year-old and youngest daughter, had a carried her blanket along with her, Christopher used her own blanket, and asphyxiated the poor little child right in front Bella.

Upon witnessing such horrific incident, the shocked, scared, lonely, helpless, and innocent Bella said to her father Christopher, “Please, Daddy, don‘t do to me what you just did to Cece”.

In an inescapable situation, Bella did what any defenseless child would do, and stayed frozen and stuck in front of her pathetically barbaric father, as he reached out to grab her, who then soon killed Bella, who fought to stay alive, but was hopelessly overpowered! Soon after, he dumped Bella and Celeste into the oil tanks of his employing organization, and left for his home!

The case of gruesome murders of the Shanann Watts Family has many found many viewers as a documentary brought to light on Netflix! It highlights the fallacy of the social media, the fake perfect lives of fraud influencers on all similar such platforms, and the wisdom and guidance to find and accept your own truths and ways of life!