Sarah Elin Zwick Obituary Dubois PA, Age, Cause of Death

Sarah Elin Zwick Obituary Dubois PA, Age, Cause of Death

Sarah Elin Zwick was a young and accomplished owner of a State Farm agency located in DuBois, Pennsylvania. Tragically, her life was cut short in a car accident on September 19, 2023, when her vehicle collided with a deer and was subsequently struck by another car on Route 219. Born on November 15, 1995, in DuBois, she was a proud graduate of DuBois Area High School’s class of 2014. Her high school sweetheart and best friend, C.J. Sarah Elin Zwick was 28 years old as of 2023. 

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Sarah Elin Zwick was her loving husband. She was renowned for her fervor, unwavering commitment, and boundless compassion, which she generously extended to her clients, colleagues, and the community.

Sarah Elin Zwick was adored and cherished by her family and friends in a way that words cannot express. Her loss is a profound tragedy that deeply impacts not only our family but also our entire community. Sarah was the beloved daughter of Scott and Karen Wennerstrom, who held an immeasurable love for her. Sarah Elin Zwick husband and soulmate, C.J. Zwick, along with their beloved dogs, Piper and Teek, treasured every moment they shared with her.

Sarah Elin Zwick family, including her husband and furry companions, her aunt and uncle, Julie Wennerstrom Jeffers and Thomas Jeffers, and her uncle and aunt, Mike and Vicki Wennerstrom, formed the bedrock of her world. Her aunt Julie was her unwavering support. Sarah Elin Zwick is also survived by her brother Scotty, his wife Gabbie, and their precious daughter, Shiloh, all of whom Sarah loved deeply. Her mother-in-law, Kathie, brother-in-law, Matt, and sisters-in-law, Missy and Kimmy, held a special place in her heart, and their love for her was boundless.

Although not originally from the DuBois community, Sarah considered it her home, a place she held dear in her heart and where she will forever belong. Her commitment to DuBois, shown through her personal involvement and wholehearted dedication to its betterment, will never be forgotten. Even before becoming a State Farm Insurance owner in downtown DuBois, Sarah cared deeply for everyone in her life, particularly those in her community. She poured her entire self into everything she pursued, both personally and professionally.

While tirelessly earning Sarah Elin Zwick degree from Penn State DuBois, often juggling more classes in a semester than most, Sarah’s potential for greatness was evident to everyone who knew her. Despite her academic pursuits, where she achieved top grades and built enduring relationships with professors and classmates, Sarah also worked as a real estate agent and restaurant shift manager in the DuBois area. Remarkably, she always found the energy to share love and laughter with her friends and family and to adore her sweet dogs, Pipey, Teeky, and Jack (whom many saw featured on billboards around DuBois).

Sarah was a truly special person, known to all who knew her. Her warmth and compassion touched everyone she met. She loved deeply and without reservation. Her love was limitless and defied description. Sarah was an extraordinary, strong-willed woman, and her memory will forever be marked by her incredible capacity to give herself fully to every endeavor.

Sarah understood the profound connection between mental health and personal well-being. She often said, “Everyone needs a therapist,” and she was absolutely right. Mental health is just as vital, if not more so, than physical health, not only for your sake but for the sake of those who love you.

Raising awareness about mental health is not only necessary but crucial for overall well-being. Too often, as was the case in Sarah’s life, the significance of maintaining mental health is overlooked. Mental health concerns may not always be apparent or seem urgent, causing us to place them on the back burner, with the assumption that they can be addressed tomorrow. Yet, sometimes, tomorrow never comes.

Sarah Elin Zwick wisdom resonates deeply: everyone needs a therapist. Every second, our minds navigate the complexities of this turbulent world, which takes a toll on us all. Just as no one would run a marathon with unresolved physical issues, we should treat life as a marathon and prioritize our mental health alongside our physical well-being. Our mental health is paramount. Now more than ever, we must make it a top priority. Life is challenging, but today and every day are worth the investment in tomorrow.

We ache for one more glimpse of Sarah Elin Zwick smile, one more opportunity to embrace her excited wiener dogs. Mental health holds a significance that surpasses physical health in many ways.

Sarah Elin Zwick legacy is to ensure that more people hear this message. If only she were here, she would undoubtedly ensure that more people not only heard but understood it. Let us make tomorrow’s concerns today’s priorities.

Sarah Elin Zwick Obituary

Visitation will be held on Saturday, September 23rd, from 1-3 p.m., followed by a service at 3 p.m. at the Adamson Funeral Chapel and Crematorium, located at 1312 Chestnut Ave., DuBois.

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