Sally Kempton Cause of Death, Wiki, Age

Sally Kempton Obituary, Cause of Death, Wiki, Age

The spiritual community is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Sally Kempton, a highly regarded Guru in the field of meditation. Her passing was announced through a heartfelt social media post, leaving many in a state of sorrow.

Sally Kempton will always be remembered for her profound spiritual wisdom, compassionate leadership, and inspirational teachings. She touched the lives of countless individuals around the world, earning a reputation as a revered spiritual teacher.

Cause of Death | Obituary

The circumstances surrounding Sally Kempton death and the contributing factors are currently unknown. It is expected that her family or authorities will share more details in due course. As the community grieves, there is a strong desire to understand the cause of her untimely departure.

In order to allow her loved ones to participate in the final rites and pay their respects, obituary information will be provided by the family or relevant authorities once a decision has been made.

Wiki | Bio

Sally Kempton was a dedicated practitioner and instructor of yoga philosophy and meditation. She devoted two decades of her life as a swami serving an ancient Vedic order of monks. Her education included a comprehensive study of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, which greatly enriched her wisdom. Throughout her journey, she received guidance and mentorship from the esteemed Swami Muktananda.

Born on January 15, 1943, she reached the age of 80 before her passing on May 10, 2021. Her peaceful departure took place in her California home, surrounded by her cherished loved ones. She leaves behind her husband, two children, as well as numerous other relatives and friends who will continue to cherish her memory.

Sally Kempton was also an accomplished writer, authoring notable books such as “Awakening Shakti” and “Meditation for the Love of It.” Her insightful contributions graced the pages of publications like Esquire, New York, and the Village Voice. Her unexpected passing has left a profound impact on her fans and loved ones.


One heartfelt tribute came from Marie-Elizabeth Mali, who cherished Sally Kempton as a dear teacher and soul friend:

“It is with deep sadness that we bid farewell to Sally Kempton, one of my most profound and cherished teachers. I first met Sally when I nervously attempted to lead kirtan at an advanced yoga teachers’ gathering, plagued by self-doubt.

Sally sensed something within me and soon invited me to lead Kirtan at her meditation retreats. Over the years, I became her devoted student in meditation and Kashmir Shaivism.

She even officiated my wedding to my first husband, though she later chuckled about the lessons that marriage taught me, jokingly saying, ‘Maybe I should stop officiating weddings, as everyone I marry seems to get divorced.’

I am grateful that she had the opportunity to meet Patrick when she visited Los Angeles a few years ago. She held him in high regard. Recently, I had a meaningful Zoom reunion with Sally and several of her students, unaware that it would be our last meeting.

Her teachings carried a profound breadth and depth that I will sorely miss, not to mention her wry sense of humor and intellectual grounding that brought me immense joy.

Thank you for your immense love, Sally. May your soul find deep rest and enjoyment in this new phase.”

Is Sally Kempton married?

Sally Kempton, the meditation teacher and author, has chosen to keep her personal life private, and there is no official information available regarding her marital status or children. Some websites claim that she was married to a man named Robert and had two children named Michael and Sarahh, but the accuracy and currency of these details are uncertain.

It’s worth noting that as a swami, Sally Kempton followed a path that typically involves a commitment to celibacy. While she did officiate weddings, she playfully remarked that she should stop doing so because of the divorces that followed. Sally Kempton’s main focus has been on her spiritual teachings and writings, and her personal life remains less publicized.

Sally Kempton Telecourses

Sally Kempton conducts live telecourses multiple times a year, covering a range of subjects including meditation, yoga philosophy, tantric wisdom, and spiritual life skills. To stay updated on her current offerings, you can visit her schedule page. These telecourses are designed to be interactive, featuring weekly calls, assigned tasks, and a supportive online community. Additionally, you have the option to purchase previous telecourses, which include MP3 audios and supplementary materials. Here are some examples of past telecourses:

“Your Mind is Your World: Transformative Wisdom from the Yoga Vasistha”

“Cultivating Shakti: A Sadhana for Our Time”

“Loving Your Way to Awakening: How to Walk a Devotional Path”

“The Awakened Life: The Bhagavad Gita and the Path of Action”

“Kundalini, The Inner Goddess & The Transformation of Your Consciousness”

“The Goddess Empowerment: Awakening Your Own Power, Love, and Creativity through the Sacred Feminine Archetypes”

Please note that the availability of these telecourses may vary, so it’s recommended to refer to the official sources

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