An 8-Step Guide To Displaying Guns Safely At Home

Safely Displaying Firearms at Home A Comprehensive Guide

The American love affair with firearms is deeply rooted in the nation’s history and culture. With the Second Amendment securing the right to bear arms, millions of households in the United States own firearms. While having the right to possess firearms is essential, it’s equally critical to store and display them safely, especially in a home setting. For those who wish to showcase their collections or have their guns within easy reach, a safe display becomes a prime concern. And while some may choose a gun safe or cabinet, others might want a more visible and accessible option.

So, if you want to mount gun on wall or find other aesthetically pleasing yet secure methods, this guide is for you.

  • Choose The Right Location

After building your custom gun with 80 lowers, selecting the right location for displaying your gun is crucial for aesthetics and safety. Although you want to showcase your firearm, you must also consider the accessibility and potential risks. Choosing an area out of reach of children is paramount. 

Additionally, you should prioritize accessibility in the case of an emergency. Consider the traffic flow in your home to determine the perfect location. Avoid areas like hallways with a greater likelihood of accidental contact with the display. 

  • Secure Your Firearms With Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are a secure and visually appealing option for displaying firearms. They provide a way to showcase your weapons in a way that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your décor while prioritizing safety. With various wall mounts available, you can select between horizontal and vertical orientations based on your preference.

Additionally, some mounts are designed explicitly for certain types of guns, some suitable for handguns and others for rifles. Regardless of the type you pick, choosing a sturdy mount that can bear the weight of your firearm and avoid the risk of accidents is crucial. With the right wall mount, you can showcase your firearms securely while prioritizing the safety of your loved ones.

  • Use Tamper-Proof Displays

Using tamper-proof display cases is an excellent choice for those who prefer to display their firearms openly. These cases provide a secure yet visually appealing way to showcase your firearm. A clear acrylic or glass front allows for full visibility of the weapon while ensuring that it remains protected. Including locks further enhances the security measures, preventing unauthorized access to your gun.

  • Educate Your Household

Educating everyone in your household on gun safety is a crucial part of responsible gun ownership when displaying guns at home. Children, in particular, should understand the risks associated with firearms and the importance of not touching guns without permission and under supervision. 

Regular discussions about gun safety can help promote safe and responsible behaviors at home. Knowledge is a powerful deterrent against accidents, and ensuring that everyone in your household knows safe gun practices is essential to prevent unnecessary accidents. 

  • Regular Maintenance Is Key

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping guns on display in pristine condition. Because displayed firearms are exposed to the environment, they can accumulate dust and lose their shine over time. To maintain their appearance and functionality, it is essential to clean and oil them regularly, just as you would if they were stored in a safe. 

Regular cleaning will help them retain their visual appeal and ensure that they function correctly in case they are ever needed. By staying on top of maintenance tasks, you can ensure that your displayed firearms always look their best and remain in optimal working condition.

  • Use Trigger Locks For Added Safety

Using trigger locks is an effective way to enhance the safety of displayed firearms. A trigger lock is a two-piece mechanism that blocks access to the trigger, rendering the firearm inoperable. They clip around the trigger and trigger guard, preventing the trigger from being squeezed accidentally. While trigger locks are not a substitute for a full gun safe or a proper storage solution, they are an excellent option when added alongside other security measures. Combining trigger locks with other security measures, such as tamper-proof display cases and educating your household about gun safety, enhances the safety of your displayed firearms.

  • Implement A Security System

A security system is highly recommended when displaying firearms to ensure their safety. A comprehensive security system can include surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and other measures to protect your valuable possessions. By having these security measures in place, you create a deterrent for potential thieves, as the presence of cameras and alarms can discourage unauthorized access. These systems provide a sense of security and offer peace of mind, knowing that your displayed firearms are being actively monitored and protected. Implementing a security system is a proactive approach to safeguarding your firearms and maintaining a secure environment in your home.

  • Stay Updated With Local Laws

Staying informed and updated with local laws is essential when it comes to the display and storage of firearms. Each state has its specific regulations and requirements, making it imperative to be aware and compliant with the laws in your area. Keeping up with any changes or updates in the local laws regarding firearms ensures that you are not inadvertently violating any rules. 

Regularly checking for updates and staying informed about local regulations is crucial to maintaining legal and responsible gun ownership. By staying updated, you can ensure that you are operating within the bounds of the law and taking the necessary steps to adhere to local regulations regarding the display and storage of firearms.


Striking a balance between exercising your right to display firearms and ensuring safety is crucial. Choosing an appropriate location for displaying your firearms is important, and consider using tamper-proof displays to prevent unauthorized access. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and oiling, helps keep the firearms pristine and ensures their proper functioning. By prioritizing safety, staying educated about gun safety practices, and implementing security measures, you can create a home that serves as a display hub for your collection and a secure fortress. Remember, responsible gun ownership includes showcasing your firearms proudly and taking the necessary precautions to keep them secure and out of harm’s reach.

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