Rutherford Car Crash/Accident NJ July 2022

Rutherford Car Crash-Accident today

The article provides information related to the tragic incident of Rutherford Car Crash NJ. The people are keen to know whether all involved in the accident are dead or not? As per the reports, a tragic accident happened in Rutherford, in Northern Jersey, and the car was found thrashed in a utility pole on Friday, 8th July 2022. The boy driving the car was found dead on the spot and the other 3 people riding in the car have severe injuries in the car crash. The news is really shocking for the people in the United States to hear about the Rutherford Car Crash NJ.

Why has the news gone viral?

On 8th July 2022, a luxury car got crashed into a utility pole in Rutherford, in Northern Jersey, in the United States. The accident led to the death of the boy who drove the car and the other accompanying passengers also faced severe injuries. The officials headed to the scene and declared the young driver dead at the spot, and his mates were shifted to the hospital for further treatment.

The car accident came into the news with the incident involving 4 juveniles, among which the 17-year-old boy driving the car succumbed to death/obituaries and his mates of the same age group faced fatal injuries. The officials involved in the investigation expressed their grieved for the crash and sadly described the crash scene.

Rutherford Car Crash NJ

The major accident took place in Rutherford on 8th July 2022, Friday. As per the reports, the luxury car driven by a juvenile crashed into a utility pole on Marginal road at around 3pm. The police officer Jon Russo verified that the 4 juveniles were involved in the car crash. The luxury BMW 228i coupe 2-door sedan car hit the telephone pole in the area between Wheaton Place & Lincoln Avenue. All the juveniles are believed to be around 17 years of age and were headed to the Hackensack University Medical Centre for further treatment of the injuries.

Rutherford Car Crash NJ today july

Official’s Hard Efforts in Rutherford Car Crash NJ

There was no involvement of other vehicles in the accident. The exact cause of the car crash is yet in the investigation process. The local police rushed to the scene and provided ultimate assistance in the crash. They called up 4 ambulances at the spot even from other towns. Police Chief Russo also appreciated the Fire Department of Rutherford for their tremendous efforts to reach out at the accident site and they worked hard for almost 2 hours to rescue one of the back-seat passengers who got trapped badly in the car following the crash.

The Fatal Accident Unit of the Bergen County Prosecutor was also informed and the evidence for the further detailed investigation was collected by the Criminal Identification Bureau of the County Sheriff. The vehicle was taken out of the crash place by Nick’s Towing vehicle. It was observed that the luxury BMW car headed from Ridge Road towards the west, the rider lost control and the car got trashed in the telephone pole of the marginal Road. Russo thanked the borough firefighters for their immense work in the difficult situation to rescue the boy.

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The Mayor of Rutherford Frank Nunziato reached out to the people to get united in this difficult situation as a unit and to respect the privacy of the family members of the victims. He requested the people to support the victim’s families in the present time, and even in the future whenever they are in need of help in a tragic time. Life is really fragile and people should be ultimately careful with the steps they take in their life.

Final Words

The article provides information about the tragic car crash that took place in Rutherford NJ in which the 4 juveniles faced the worst day of their life, one of them lost their lives and the other 3 were badly injured. Further details about the car crash will be updated after the reports from the detailed investigation of the accident are sourced. The parents are advised to keep an eye on the children especially juveniles to avoid car driving at a young age, so as to prevent the incidents like Rutherford Car Crash NJ.


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