Rose Island, Bahamas sharks Attack and Kill the Woman.

Rose Island, Bahamas sharks Attacks kill the woman

Bahamas sharks Attacks

In this article, we are sharing the details of the tragic incident that took place in the Bahamas, where a woman was killed by a shark attack.

The woman traveling on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas was under attack at the Green Cay off the coast of Nassau and was deeply injured. The cruise ship was at the dock in Nassau, and the woman decided to explore the underwater flora and fauna. The 58-year-old mother was on a family tour with her husband and children when she faced a brutal attack by a shark in the Bahamas.

The identity of the woman has not been discovered and revealed in public, but she hails from Pennsylvania, as per the reports. The horrifying incident occurred in a popular snorkeling area in the northern Bahamas. The family was on a holiday trip on the luxury cruise ship Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas. She was accompanied by a group of 5-7 other travelers when she faced the shark attack at around 2pm.

The woman was escorted by the tour company that organized the snorkeling trip and took the group to Green Cay, around half a mile away from Rose Island. On the very same spot, the 21-year-old American woman was declared dead pertaining to the killing shark attack in 2019. The area is famous for snorkeling, as reported by the officials. The sources state that the family members of the woman witnessed a bull shark that attacked the Pennsylvania woman.

She was then brought to the mainland New Province by the tour company, where she was found dead, facing significant injuries to her upper leg and body. The paramedics rushed to the dock as she was brought by her family and declared her death due to the injury. The cruise ship Royal Caribbean has stepped forward to provide constant support to the family members of the victim in their tough times. The Harmony of the Seas is in her current sail period of 7-nights after starting her journey on 4th September 2022, Sunday, from Port Canaveral, Florida, in the United States.

The beach has been closed for an unsaid duration, and the investigation is under process. The reports provided by the International Shark Attack File suggest that the probability of a fatal attack by a shark is very less, around 1 in 4 million, and that 73 unprovoked attacks by sharks were found last year across the globe, that includes 47 lone in the United States. As per the survey, most attacks happen when the humans are in or near the zone of their prey or the animal is threatened and attacked in their defense.

A tragic incident of Bahamas sharks Attacks took place in the French Caribbean region of St. Martin, the 1st attack of such kind in December 2020. Over 40+ shark attacks have occurred in the Bahamas since 1749, and around 13 attacks in Cuba in that time frame, including the one that happened in 2019.

Michael Heithaus, a marine specialist from Florida International University, stated in a telephonic interview that the majority of the shark attacks in the Bahamas are due to more and more people in the water in the shark prey zone and that a number of shark species exist in the Bahamas that refrain from humans except for the bull and tiger sharks who are huge in size and search for big prey. He concluded by stating that shark attacks are rare.


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