Robert Arevalo Age, Cause of Death, Family, obituary

Robert Arevalo Age, Cause of Death, Family, obituary

On August 10, 2023, the Philippines bid farewell to a true luminary of its entertainment realm, as veteran actor Robert Arevalo took his final bow at the age of 85. Born on May 6, 1938, in the enchanting city of Dumaguete, Robert Arevalo emerged from a lineage steeped in the arts, a heritage that resonated through generations. Robert Arevalo family tree boasted illustrious branches, with his father, Tito Arevalo, gracing the realm of music and composition, while his uncles, director Gerardo de Leon, and actor Angel Esmeralda, cast their own indelible shadows upon the silver screen.

Robert Arevalo’s kinship also intertwined with other acclaimed actors, including Jay Ilagan, Liberty Ilagan, and Conrado Conde, further solidifying his position within the tapestry of Philippine entertainment.

Robert Arevalo cause of Death | Obituary

The final chapter of Robert Arevalo’s life was marked by a battle with Parkinsonism, a neurological condition that casts its shadow over the nervous system, causing a myriad of movement challenges. According to his daughter, Anna Ylagan, this relentless struggle ultimately claimed his life. On August 11, 2023, a poignant date that would have marked his 61st wedding anniversary with his wife, former actress Barbara Perez, Robert Arevalo was cremated, bidding a poignant farewell to a life richly lived.

His artistic journey commenced in the vibrant era of the 1950s, a time when he embarked upon a trajectory that would firmly etch his name into the annals of Philippine cinema. The silver screen bore witness to his charismatic presence, with his talents gracing numerous films and television shows. Among his notable contributions were performances in productions like “No Man’s Island,” “Taray at Teroy,” “Blusang Itim,” “May Bukas Pa,” “Working Girls,” and “Visconde Massacre Story.” Beyond the realm of acting, Robert Arevalo’s versatility also led him to the news anchor’s desk at ABS-CBN in the 1980s, where he lent his voice to reporting and storytelling.

Robert Arevalo’s legacy is a tapestry interwoven with accolades and recognition, a testament to the profound impact he had on Philippine cinema. His dedication and talent were celebrated through various awards and nominations, including the prestigious FAMAS Award, the esteemed Gawad Urian Award, the revered Star Awards for Movies, and the distinguished Metro Manila Film Festival Award. These tokens of appreciation stand as a testament to the depth and range of his craft, underscoring his ability to breathe life into an array of roles and narratives.

As the curtain descends on Robert Arevalo’s earthly journey, his memory is preserved through the fond recollections of fans who marveled at his performances and colleagues who witnessed his dedication. He will forever remain enshrined as a consummate artist whose contributions enriched the fabric of Philippine culture and storytelling. The legacy he leaves behind is one of inspiration and artistic brilliance, a testament to the enduring impact of a life devoted to the art of performance.

Robert Arevalo was brought into the world on May 6, 1938, in Manila, Philippines, marking the beginning of his remarkable journey. His life’s tapestry was woven with accomplishments across various domains – acting, directing, and newscasting. Emerging from a distinguished lineage within the entertainment realm, he etched his name as a revered and cherished personality.

A poignant chapter closed on August 10, 2023, as Robert Arevalo, aged 85, bid adieu to the mortal coil. His legacy, spanning through decades, was one of distinction and triumph, leaving an indelible mark on Philippine cinema. His union with former actress Barbara Perez spanned a remarkable 61 years, a testament to their enduring love, and bore the fruit of three cherished offspring.

In the hearts of many, Robert Arevalo remains an icon of respect and endearment, a luminous star in the firmament of Philippine cinema, whose brilliance continues to shine even in his absence.

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