Choose The Right Fabric of Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

Choose The Right Fabric of Fitted Sheet For Your Bed

Are you thinking of refurbishing your bed linen wardrobe? Why not, when an exquisite range of fitted sheet is available in Pakistan to explore.

We spend about one-third of our lives asleep which makes sense to spend money on bedding that stands the test of time and offers refreshing slumber. 

Nevertheless, with so many options out there — fabric, thread count, design, colors, — the decision process can be overwhelming.

Extensive Set of Bed  Fitted sheet Fabrics

For your ease, here is a list of the best fabric for sheets that you will need in your bed linen closet to have the perfect bedding right in your room.

Brushed Cotton Fabric

This velvety lenient fabric truly is the gift that adheres to relaxation. While cotton sheets are made from 100 percent cotton, they are incredibly soft even after washes. As a result, they tend to be the most relaxed bed sheets to give you a peaceful sleeping experience. 

Cotton Fitted Sheets retain heat better than other bed sheets as per the weather changes. However, the brushed cotton fabric is still highly breathable and airy. That makes it a perfect year-round option for those who are either cold or hot sleepers.

Moreover, the brushed cotton has an everlasting look that would balance well with several interior decoration designs – from rustic and outmoded to simplest, coastal and fashionable.

Jersey Fabric

Although most other cotton sheets fabricate from several yarns cross each other, the Jersey plates comprises of a continuous piece of yarn suspended above itself.

In addition, it is a stretchable and soft kind of fabric, a single knitted cotton material that’s popular due to its stretchable and not so expensive traits.

Textile companies make Jersey Fitted Sheets with the same dust as cotton t-shirts, so you like them if you feel soft cotton t-shirts.

Microfiber Fabric

Microfiber sheets fabricate from finely woven wood pulp fibers, polyester, or nylon polymers. They are affordable, soft, and are sustainable than traditional polyester leaves. In addition, the synthetic tissue in microfiber is little for mowing or shrinking than all-natural substances like cotton. These sheets are easier to spread over the bed than cotton plates and better suited for colder climates. In addition, the natural fibers help regulate the temperature for a cool and dry sleep at night.

Silk Fabric

Silk is a soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, and convenient fabric for the bedroom. It adds shine, luster, and smoothness to your bed and gives a luxurious sense of bed linen, easy to spread, more sustainable than cotton, expensive, and requires maintenance. When selecting the silk plates, ensure that you select the higher momme (one unit using the quality of the silk). A higher count means that the tissue is more sustainable; the fabric is luxurious and suitable for strengths.

Linen Fabric

Linen is one of the most popular fabrics of the bed for a good reason. Similar to cotton, it is a natural fabric that’s durable and airy – your body can breathe and absorb additional sweat. Although the fabric is ideal year-round, linen sheets are the way to go in a warm and humid climate. 

Another advantage of linen is that it’s soft, so your bed sheet will be cozier with time. If you want a picture-perfect, casual, and aesthetics feel in your bedroom, buy linen fabric sheets. 

Polyester Fabric

Polyester plates are available in a wide range of qualities and are best known for their affordability. The fabric comes from a chemical process using petroleum by-products. 

The cool thing about polyester is that there can be many different fabric types, from velvet to silk. Manufacturers use different techniques to create a staying pattern that raises three wires over every yarn for a shiny satin surface. 

In addition, the faulty polyester wrinkle resistor is possible for easy care in the washing machine and the dryer.


While bamboo fibers are typically stiff and rough. Normally, what they actually found as “bamboo” plates are actually rayon.  

To obtain the fabric, bamboo pulp passes through a chemical process to dissolve the pulp, clarify its rebuilding of the reflectors, and then rotate in the wire. The process can be difficult on the environment – bamboo plates are less environmentally friendly than their manufacturers claim.

However, it produces a very soft, durable, and silky fabric for bed sheets, as breathable as cotton, and feels good on the skin.


The best fabric for sheets in the context of luxurious and pulmonary cotton is Pima cotton. Certainly, cotton, jersey, and microfiber are the liveliest and most affordable sheet fabrics in Pakistan.

While choosing the best fabric, you should consider various factors: thread count, material, and temperature control capabilities.