7 Top Reasons Why Your Startup Needs A Professional Website

Reasons Why Your Startup Needs A Professional Website

In today’s era, 80% of the population is on their mobiles. Companies have no other alternative but to get online to sell their products. With e-commerce sales expected to touch $4.89 trillion in 2021, borderless e-commerce is now slowly becoming a reality.

The sales made from online purchases are expected to reach 21.8% by 2024. A website helps a business to nurture leads and get them transformed into sales. And if you are a startup, a website essentially helps you connect with your prospective customers and serve them better.

Top reasons why your startup needs a professional website

Google gets 3.5 billion search queries from users every day. And most of the search query redirects the users to relevant websites. It becomes pertinent for a startup to have a website. 

Let us get to know the seven top reasons why your startup needs a professional website here.  

  1. To create a positive impression

When you are starting your business, you have thousands of competitors who have already established a loyal customer base. A website allows you to make the correct first impression. It shows your seriousness in the business and builds trust among first-time visitors.

Since your website is the first impression, try to build it unique and user-friendly. If you are not skilled enough, don’t try to build a website on your own. Don’t try to cut corners and make a mess of it. Instead, hire a web development company capable enough to deliver a professional website to convey your business message to the visitors and make them go for the purchase.    

  1. To keep your customers informed

People are curious to know about you and your products when you are new to the business. A website fulfills it for you. It lists everything about your business and products in detail. You can list the various services you provide, such as return, exchange, shipping, warranty, and service information. The more information you offer, customers start to trust you better.   

You can share new product launches and offers by instantly uploading them on the website. It reaches the customers faster than newspaper ads or flyers. Also, a website allows you to showcase it attractively. You can use videos, images, and animation to lure customers.   

  1. To be accessible from mobile devices

The mobile penetration in the US is reaching 85%, with more than 290 million smartphone users. Most of the search query takes place from mobile devices. As a startup, if you cannot afford to design a mobile app, at least your website should have a mobile version accessible to the customers.

Hire a web development company that designs responsive and mobile-friendly sites. The elements and their position should be perfect and in alignment with the device screen. A website that loads fast on the mobile device and fits itself to the screen size leads to good user experiences.        

  1. To get more visitors

You build a website to get visitors. But designing a website is not just about adding images and content. It is about designing a website optimized for conversions. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to get visitors to the website. Its techniques have to be implemented at the design stage itself. Some of the SEO strategies are-

  • Using keyword-rich content
  • Optimizing images and videos
  • Securing the website
  • Adding relevant title, meta description, and URL
  • Build quality backlinks
  • Minimizing JS, HTML & CSS files
  • Good website architecture
  • Submitting a sitemap to Google
  • Implementing technical SEO
  • Taking measures for faster website loading

A conversion-optimized website tells the search engine bots to index and reference content to the user search queries. You get more visitors when your website ranks higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results), you get more visitors.   

  1. For better customer service

Good customer service is a must for any business to succeed. Resolving customer queries immediately sends a positive message to customers. They know that you are serious about your business, and this builds trustworthiness. In the online world, a website offers an interface for customers to ask questions regarding products. You can provide customer service through-

  • Live chats
  • Contact Us page
  • FAQ page

As a startup, you need to respond to customer queries. Any late response will make the customer leave your website, and you cannot afford it.

  1. To save you money

For a startup, a website may seem like an additional expense. After all, you are already facing a financial crunch, and you would want to utilize your costs effectively. But trust us, a website saves you money in the long run. A good website acts as a door to online selling opportunities. Even a simple business website educates the visitors of your business and services.

Hire a web development company that designs scalable websites. Invest one-time in a website. It will be worth the money compared to what you spend on print advertising and cold calls.

  1. To get an edge over your competitors

There are two scenarios. Either your product is new in the market, or you are entering a market where similar products exist. If your product is something new, you have a chance to do brisk business before competitors enter the scene. And in today’s world, competitors build businesses overnight. Ensure that you remain the best by providing the best customer service. It is possible through a user-friendly website.

If you already have competitors, a website helps you score over them. Do a competitor analysis to know their weaknesses. Highlight it as your strength on the website. It gives you the chance to showcase the USP of your product and service.    


A website is an essential tool for startups to nurture leads in the early days. As a startup, your goal is to get more customers to engage with your products and services. A website is of immense help when you are new to the field and want to establish your business. Make your website a part of your business. It will help you gain ground and get consistent leads. A professional website will bring in more opportunities for your new business.  

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