Reasons why Google Adwords Are Not Effective

Reasons why Google Adwords Are Not Effective

Google Adwords advertising is not effective, consuming your money every day. But in fact, the number of customers calling is only 2-3 customers and it is unlikely that there has been a real conversion into customers. Even the amount of money collected is not enough to refund advertising money. So running Adwords is not effective, where is the reason? Please refer to the article below to know the reasons why Google Ads is not effective.

There are 3 main reasons why Google Adwords ads are not effective

– The landing page is not optimized

– Ads are not optimized

– Imaginary clicks (hacker clicks or easier to understand clicks from competitors)


Unoptimized Ad Landing Page

A good landing page is a landing page with clear, easy-to-understand content that solves the customer’s questions. Full pictures, clips (if any), and relevant certifications.

The most important is the conversion tool: must have a phone number that can be immediately dialed, website chat, fan page chat …

Why is this important in the first place?

Think back to how many clicks your Google Adwords ads get each day. For every 100 clicks on the ad on average, let’s say there are 80 real customers minus the competitors, so why only 1-2 customers call?

Customers need a landing page that is friendly enough, full of information, beautiful images, eye-catching design. Depending on the customer group of each website, you design accordingly.

Can be yellow, banana green, pink … for children, active customers; gray, black… for industries with luxury and elderly customers; green, blue … for websites about selling drugs, medical services…

Re-optimize your landing page so that 80 customers who enter your website will have a 50% chance of making a phone call to receive your service immediately.

Similarly at this time, website chat or fan page chat software is very important, please use some support software such as box chat, etc., so that when customers have questions, they can ask you right away instead of having to call you because many customers Very lazy to call. Imagine your products, prices, and competitors are the same, but the competitor supports directly on the web and you can only send mail or call to receive support, who will be easily overwhelmed by who?

The price to invest in a website is now very diverse and rich, but for a website that specializes in running Google Ads, you should use a landing page.

Also, check right from your ad account to see how many times the actual clicks from mobile devices are higher than from computers. Because today everyone uses smartphones, so customers often search easily by mobile.

This means you need to immediately optimize your website to be mobile-friendly to avoid annoying mobile users to your website. If possible, install the call and text button right on this mobile interface so that they can call you right away by clicking on it. And of course,  they won’t have to hesitate to do so.

If you don’t do it, don’t ask why running Google Adwords doesn’t work  anymore

Unoptimized Ads

This is a problem everyone knows, but not everyone can do. Optimizing advertising in addition to setting the keyword system, creating attractive ad templates, launching discount codes, attractive coupons,… also expanding advertising, display advertising, remarketing … To install effective advertising accounts take a lot of time, effort, and customer tracking.

You need to know this, up to 96% of users after accessing your website will not buy immediately. They often refer to many websites at the same time to compare prices, services, and locations before deciding to buy. Take advantage of inserting discount campaigns, giving discount codes, coupons to reach customers to turn them into loyal customers.

In addition, according to statistics from Google, 95% of the time online customers read newspapers, listen to music, watch movies, so if you only advertise search without chasing customers when they are online to train the market, you will lose money. Go for a lot of potential customers.

A good, optimized ad is one that measures the effectiveness of the ad, measurement is extremely important.

Virtual click make Google Adwords ads ineffective

The appearance of virtual clicks is caused by bad players in the same industry playing against each other. This leads to a lot of wasted budgets that real customers do not appear on the website.

To fix this ineffective Google Ads advertising, it needs to be solved intelligently.

First: do not click on the opponent -> this only makes things worse, the bid price is high, and it costs more money.

Second, Use your Adwords skills to limit click hackers such as search network remarketing, IP blocking.

Third, use your rights when working with Google. You have the right to claim a refund from Google if your budget is wasted and brings bad results when advertising Google Adwords.


Above is an article about the reasons why Google Adwords is not effective. Hope this article will bring you useful information. Good luck.

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