Rapper Leaf LZZ Shot Incident Brooklyn, Age, Death

Rapper Leaf LZZ Shot Incident Details, Age, Death

On Sunday night, tragedy struck the music industry as Brooklyn rapper Leaf LZZ, alongside another individual, Anthony R. Smith Jr., met a fatal end in a shooting incident in Burlington, Vermont. The abrupt demise of the rapper sent shockwaves through the music community and instilled fear in the surrounding areas of Burlington.

What transpired with Leaf LZZ?

On Sunday, law enforcement responded to an emergency call from a Decatur Street resident reporting gunshots heard around 9:30 PM at an apartment in the Old North End neighborhood of Burlington, Vermont. Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad reported that upon arrival, two individuals were discovered in the apartment—27-year-old rapper Leaf LZZ, also known as Khalif M Jones, and 27-year-old Smith Jr. Both had sustained gunshot wounds to their heads. Smith Jr. was pronounced dead at the scene, while Leaf LZZ, critically injured, was swiftly transported to UVM Medical Center and pronounced dead before 11 PM.

Authorities revealed that evidence at the scene suggested the presence of firearms in the apartment, and the fatal shots were not discharged by Smith Jr. The Burlington Free Press indicated a connection between the rapper’s death and drug-related crime. A comprehensive investigation is actively underway, with the incident’s resolution expected soon.

Who was Leaf LZZ?

Leaf LZZ was a burgeoning star in the rap scene—a 27-year-old talent from the USA. Renowned for his distinctive rap style and innovative musical compositions, he gained recognition for his releases on YouTube. Continuously making waves, he dropped consecutive albums that garnered millions of views on YouTube, including the widely acclaimed ‘Kiccin Doors,’ ‘No Twirl Zone,’ and ‘Expose Me.’

With a net worth of approximately 5 million, Leaf LZZ had a promising future ahead. However, his life took a tragic turn, leading to his demise in the shooting incident. The announcement of his passing was made on Reddit, sparking heartfelt tributes from his devoted fan base.

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