Portland Oregon Rani Baker Passed Away by Suicide?

Portland Oregon Rani Baker Passed Away by Suicide

Rani Baker was a versatile individual, excelling in various creative pursuits. Born on June 21st, she hailed from Briggs, Texas, but called Portland, Oregon, her current home.

Rani was an integral part of Portland’s creative community, leaving a distinct mark. Unfortunately, on October 9, 2023, due to suicide, leaving her family, friends, and fans in mourning. She is survived by her partner and their two children.

Rani Baker Cause of Death, Wiki

The cause of Rani Baker suicide is currently not disclosed to the public.

Rani Baker demonstrated her creativity and talent through her diverse array of professions. She excelled as a freelance writer, delved into experimental music, and thrived as a game developer.

In the realm of music, Rani Baker stood as the frontperson of the band “Destroyed for Comfort,” known for its eclectic and thought-provoking style. Additionally, she crafted music under the pseudonym “Hexcrusher,” delving into the domains of noise, industrial, and ambient genres. Her musical influences included renowned artists like Throbbing Gristle, Coil, and Skinny Puppy.

As a freelance writer, Rani contributed to various online platforms, including Ms. Magazine, The Fresh Toast, and Medium. Her writings encompassed subjects like feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, politics, culture, and technology. She possessed a sharp and witty writing style that both engaged and challenged her readers.

In the realm of gaming, Rani Baker was a proficient game developer with expertise in NES game development and reverse engineering various 8-bit computers and consoles. She created notable games like “D-Pad Hero,” “Lizard,” and “Micro Mages.” Moreover, she authored articles and tutorials on the intricacies of developing games for retro platforms.

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