Porky Bradberry Aiken SC Obituary, Wife, Mystery Death

Porky Bradberry Aiken SC Obituary, Wife, Mystery Death

Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr., a renowned jeweler and esteemed member of the Aiken, South Carolina community, passed away in a tragic and mysterious incident. Found deceased in his home on Brookhaven Drive on January 9, 2024, at 78 years old.

Porky Bradberry Aiken sc death was attributed to blunt force injuries to the head. His significant role in the local community stemmed from his long-standing ownership and operation of Porky Bradberry Jewelry Store, a family business established by his parents in the 1950s and relocated to Aiken in 1963. Over six decades, he nurtured the store into a beloved local institution.

Porky Bradberry Aiken Cause of Death

Porky Bradberry Aiken death is being thoroughly investigated as a potential homicide, engaging the efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Aiken Department of Public Safety, the State Law Enforcement Division, and the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, among others. The investigation continues to delve into the specifics of this unsettling event.

Porky Bradberry Aiken life was marked by both triumphs and trials, including a notable case in 1982 involving the death of his wife, Linda. Initially charged with her murder, Bradberry was ultimately cleared after an extensive five-year investigation. His passing leaves a void in the hearts of his surviving children, grandchildren, and the wider Aiken community. A memorial service is scheduled for January 13, 2024, at Shellhouse-Rivers Funeral Home, offering a space for mourning and remembrance.

This sorrowful episode has profoundly impacted the Aiken community, underscoring the significant influence Bradberry had during his lifetime and the profound sense of loss felt in the wake of his unexpected death.

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