Poppy and Ben on Lego Masters leave the show? illness issue

Poppy and Ben Lego Masters

People across the globe are fond of Lego Masters and the series is trending once again with its season 4 premiere. Judges Jamie Berard alongside Amy Corbett expressed their pleasure to be with Lego Masters, and the host Will Arnett continued from the prior season. This article will provide more information related to Lego Masters and let us discover the truth behind Poppy and Ben on Lego Masters.

What happened to Poppy and Ben on Lego Masters?

The Lego Masters fan base was extremely sad to hear about the worrying news related to Poppy and Ben. The host Will Arnett made a shocking announcement as the participants entered the build room at around 9.05pm that it would not be possible for Ben and Poppy to continue further as participants in the season pertaining to their health issue. Poppy and Ben didn’t want to leave the show

The competitors and the audience were both surprised by this announcement, suggesting that Poppy and Ben would no longer participate in the competition. The details of the health issues that led to Poppy and Ben’s departure were not disclosed to the public.

Their exit was a result of the change of nature that resulted in the competition as the remaining teams had to move ahead without Poppy and Ben and face the upcoming difficulties that would raise in their absence.

As the surviving competitors had to adapt to this abrupt change, the unforeseen circumstances introduced an added layer of uncertainty to the competition. The following provides more information about Poppy and Ben.

What is Lego Masters?

“LEGO Masters” is a reality competition television series that focuses on LEGO building. The format originated in the UK and has been adapted in various countries, including the United States, Australia, Germany, and others. The show typically features teams of LEGO enthusiasts and builders who compete in challenges to create intricate and imaginative LEGO constructions.

Each episode presents a new theme or challenge that tests the contestants’ creativity, technical skills, and teamwork. The creations are then judged by a panel of LEGO experts or celebrities, and one team is usually eliminated at the end of each episode until a final winning team is determined.

Role of Poppy in Lego Masters

Let us make you aware of the question raising in the mind of many: Who is Poppy in Lego Masters? David Levine known by the name of Poppy is the grandfather of Ben Edlavitch. He paired up with Ben to participate in the entertaining series Lego Masters, where the participants are seen to build amazing structures out of Lego brick pieces.

Poppy was a high school tutor before his retirement, prior to his participation in the competition, which helped him as he had immense experience in instructing the students to make useful things using the tools. Poppy and Ben were a great pair that brought together creative imaginations resulting in their Lego masterpieces on the TV show. Poppy and Ben also created history as they were the 1st grandfather-grandson duo to compete in Lego Masters.

They successfully tackled numerous challenges by utilizing their skills and creativity, which included building a toy boat and crafting a luxurious palace for a kitten. Poppy provided significant support to Ben in their Lego projects. They enjoyed a lot and explored multiple things during their tenure on the show. For instance, they created a Lego piece of the Executive Mansion of Virginia for the holiday time.

Role of Ben in Lego Masters

Ben participates as a contestant on “Lego Masters,” a reality competition series where teams of Lego enthusiasts showcase their skills in creating impressive Lego structures. Currently a third-year architecture student at the University of Virginia, Ben possesses a strong passion for constructing with Lego bricks. His partner on the show is his grandfather, David “Poppy” Levine, a former engineer and fellow Lego enthusiast. As the sole grandfather-grandson team in the competition, Poppy and Ben share a tight-knit bond and bring a playful dynamic to their collaborative efforts.

Unfortunately, Ben and Poppy had to depart from the show prematurely due to health concerns. Poppy fell ill during the filming of episode 5, preventing him from continuing with the show’s shooting schedule. Although Ben mentioned that Poppy has since recovered swiftly and is now in good health, Poppy and Ben expressed sadness at having to miss the remainder of the competition. Grateful for the support from fans and the camaraderie with fellow contestants, they extended their thanks to everyone who stood by them during this challenging time.

Lego Masters America Season 4

Lego Masters Season 4 America Contestants explores the individuals participating in the fourth season of the American reality competition TV series Lego Masters, which debuted on Fox on September 28, 2023. Adapted from the British series of the same name, the show tasks teams of Lego enthusiasts with crafting extraordinary Lego structures. Hosted and executive produced by Will Arnett, with judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, both accomplished Lego designers, the competition showcases a diverse group of contestants:

  • Allyson & Melanie: California-based friends who are musicians, event managers, and artists. They craft Lego creations reflecting their cultural and personal interests.
  • Christopher & Robert: Business partners and friends from Washington and Pennsylvania who, as program managers and students, specialize in building innovative and futuristic Lego structures.
  • Chris & Jordan: Texas and Washington-based friends working as network security engineers and civil engineers. They prefer constructing complex and realistic Lego creations.
  • Neena & Sam: A mother-son duo from Alberta, involved in government youth services and electrical work. Their Lego creations tend to be whimsical and colorful, earning them victories in the first two challenges and the Golden Brick.
  • Paul & Nealita: Siblings from Ohio and Wisconsin employed as public library workers and driver’s ed teachers. They focus on intricate and detailed Lego builds.
  • Karen & Amie: Mental health therapists and substitute teachers from Arizona and Washington. Their Lego creations are known for being fun and imaginative.
  • Tim & Tim: Friends from Texas, working as home inspectors and illustrators/carpenters. They specialize in classic and nostalgic Lego builds.
  • David (Poppy) & Ben: Grandpa and grandson from Virginia, engaged in construction and real estate. Although they won the third challenge, health reasons forced them to withdraw from the competition.
  • Luis & Alex: Friends and co-workers from Florida who are teachers. They excel in crafting trendy and viral Lego creations, securing second place in the second and fourth challenges.
  • Aubree & Ryan: Married business owners from Utah, known for their fun and adventurous Lego creations. They clinched victory in the fifth challenge but faced elimination in the sixth.
  • Kelly & Emilee: Friends from Oregon and Arizona, both educators and stay-at-home moms. They narrowly avoided elimination in the first challenge.
  • Brad & Mike: A married couple from Washington working as senior informatics specialists. Their Lego creations are characterized by simplicity and elegance. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the first challenge.

These are just some of the captivating contestants from Lego Masters Season 4 America. To delve deeper into their stories and witness their imaginative Lego builds, tune in to the show on Fox or catch it online.

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