Marshall Williams Peyton Manning Son Net Worth, Age, Nationality

Marshall Williams Peyton Manning Son Net Worth, Age, Nationality

Marshall Williams Manning, born on March 31, 2011, in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the son of Peyton Manning, a former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer, and his wife of over two decades, Ashley Thompson Manning. Marshall Williams Manning, of Caucasian ethnicity, holds American nationality and has a twin sister named Mosley Thompson Manning, born on the same day as him.

Marshall Williams Peyton Manning Son Wiki

As a celebrity child, Marshall Williams Manning has been spotted alongside his father at various events, including the Pro Bowl Games in 2023. During the Pro Bowl, he showcased his impressive throwing skills to notable players like Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs. Unlike his father, who has acromicric dysplasia, a form of dwarfism, Marshall has a normal height and bears a strong resemblance to his dad.

Active on social media, Marshall frequently shares pictures with his family and friends, revealing a glimpse into his life. Apart from his celebrity connections, he is carving a niche for himself in the flag football scene, expressing potential to follow in Marshall Williams Manning father’s footsteps and pursue a career in the NFL.

Currently residing in Tennessee with his family, Marshall is a middle school student with diverse interests. He enjoys playing video games, and watching movies and has a keen interest in flag football. His passion for the sport is evident as he refuses to use his last name on his flag football jersey, expressing admiration for Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

13 Year Old Marshall Williams Manning comes from a football-oriented family, with seven cousins from his uncles, Cooper Manning and Eli Manning, both also involved in the football world. He is the grandson of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and Olivia Williams.

While Marshall is yet to establish a career and accumulate personal wealth, he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his parents’ prosperity. Peyton Manning, with a net worth of $250 million from his 18 seasons in the NFL, and Marshall Williams Manning mother Thompson Manning, a successful businesswoman and philanthropist, collectively own various properties across the country, including a notable $4.5 million mansion in Tennessee.

Does Marshall Williams Manning play football?

Yes, Marshall Manning actively participates in flag football, and his coach is none other than his father, Peyton Manning, a renowned former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer. Marshall has demonstrated his robust arm and remarkable throwing skills, making a notable display at the Pro Bowl Games in 2023. During this event, he connected with Pro Bowlers such as Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs, showcasing his talent on the field.

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