Mad Men actor Eddie Driscoll Cause of Death

Mad Men actor Eddie Driscoll Cause of Death

Eddie Driscoll wife, Jackie always stood by Eddie till his death. They enjoyed their married life which was full of love, care, understanding, joy, and cherished memories.

Eddie famous for his appearances in the popular Television shows such as Mad Men, Days of Our Lives, and Entourage, went on a heavenly abode when he was 60 years of age.

Eddie Driscoll Cause of Death

As per the reports, the profound actor Eddie Driscoll passed away on 15th December following saddle pulmonary embolism complications and later struggling with stomach cancer.

A saddle pulmonary embolism is a dangerous medical condition in which a blood clot gets lodged at the separation of the primary pulmonary artery or its various branches, resembling the shape of a saddle. In this medical condition, the flow of blood is hindered and does not reach the lungs, leading to remarkable respiratory distress and, if not treated immediately, can lead to severe complications even resulting in death.

His close mate and fellow actor Jimmy Palumbo verified Eddie’s death news and provided the information to the media. He described his friend as a multifaceted personality, who had the capacity of achieving heights in several genres, from comedy to Broadway. His contribution and dedication to the entertainment industry will be always remembered by his fans worldwide.

The death news of the renowned actor echoed throughout the entertainment world, receiving tributes and condolences from his fans across the globe who truly appreciated his dedication to the cinematic realm.

Eddie Driscoll Wife, Relationship

Jackie Driscoll hails from New York City in the United States. She was raised happily by her parents exploring the diverse neighborhoods of New York City helping her shape into a woman full of strength and determination that she eventually turned into.

Eddie Driscoll was in a married relationship with Jackie Driscoll for a long term before he passed away. The couple is strongly bonded to each other and maintained a pure relationship till he died. His relationship and love for his partner were admired by the people who crossed his paths. Jackie rendered an unwavering support to Eddie while he was battling cancer during his acting journey.

She stood by him like a pillar motivating him emotionally and serving him with utmost care during his tough moments. Both of them complemented each other and were always there when needed. Their love story was remarkable and the bond was unbeatable.

Even though she resided in a busy city, Jackie cherished those solitude moments for silent contemplation. With her growing age, she developed dedication towards her passion, thriving to indulge her creativity in her art career. She had an immense love for art and motivated others to see the world from her perception. Jackie was renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and artistic finesse, infusing elegance into every gathering she attended.

In her personal life, Jackie was a devoted partner to her husband, an extremely talented artist. Their shared love for art and culture was a bridge to the forged bond between them, as they visited the exhibitions and cultural events together frequently.

Eddie Driscoll and Jackie Driscoll Children

Eddie Driscoll has two children from a married relationship with Jackie, named Sadie and Sunny Driscoll. The private life information about them is not available yet, but it’s pretty sure that they are in the footsteps of their parents in overcoming the challenges of life with their family’s unconditional support.

Eddie was not very expressive and refrained from keeping his private life away from social media. But, it’s definite that he loved his family very much and cared for his children cherishing every moment with them. He was a caring husband and a responsible father who preferred his family above everything.

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