Logan Jacinto Obituary, Wife, Age, Found Dead Location

Logan Jacinto Obituary, Wife, Age, Found Dead Location

Logan Jacinto, aged 40, tragically passed away after a car crash near Highway 175 on January 3, 2024. Losing control of his car, he crashed into a guardrail. Despite sending a text to his wife about making it home, he never arrived. Witnesses saw him losing control and later, his abandoned car was found near the crash site. Family, friends, and law enforcement agencies conducted an extensive five-day search in the area. His brothers ultimately discovered his lifeless body in a creek close to where the accident occurred.

Logan Jacinto, a beloved figure in Tacoma, Washington, co-founded Howdy Bagel, a well-loved local bagel shop. Known for his kindness, generosity, and creativity, he was deeply appreciated by his family, friends, and customers. His passion for baking not only brought joy through his delicious bagels but also reflected in his commitment to various community causes and charities. Logan Jacinto leaves behind a legacy of warmth and community spirit, along with his wife and two children.

Logan Jacinto Missing Case Update

The investigation into Logan Jacinto’s disappearance and subsequent death involved extensive search efforts by community members and law enforcement. Despite thorough searches of the fields and wooded areas near Highway 175, no trace of him was found initially. It was only later that his sisters discovered his body in a creek near the crash site. The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office confirmed his death, and an autopsy is expected to determine the cause. The circumstances of how he ended up in the creek remain unclear and are part of an ongoing investigation.

Logan Jacinto, who went missing on January 3, 2024, after a car crash near Highway 175 in Kaufman County, was tragically found deceased on January 7, 2024. His wife received a text from him on the evening of his disappearance, indicating that although it was raining, he would be home. However, witnesses reported to the police that he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a rail. The discovery of his body has brought immense grief to his family.

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the discovery of Logan Jacinto’s body in a creek near the crash site. An autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death, which the family hopes will provide answers about the circumstances leading to Jacinto being found in the creek. This investigation is crucial for Jacinto’s family and friends as they seek closure and understanding amidst their grief.

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