Living Room Trends 2021 – Furniture, Colors, and news

Living Room Trends 2021 – Furniture, Colors, and news

Our house is a mirrored image of our personalities. And it’s precisely for this reason (and for several others, of course) that there’s always enormous anxiety about next year’s trends.

2021 are no different. Exhibitions have already taken place and provides a taste of what the year has future, but here we decided to show only the 2021 lounge trends so you’ll prepare your new project!

Living room trends in 2021 are expected to be showered with greener and more sustainable initiatives that specialise in the well-being of nature while ensuring the space’s beauty.

Thus, natural materials, earth tones and an aesthetics focused on “retro-organic” are present throughout the year, evolving directly into the forms for the most furniture: straight lines, rigidly square, with smooth curves, wavy lines and edges too smooth.

Pieces of furniture considered classic remain in 2021, only being reissued to keep up the timeless style and wonder.

In the lounge, metallic elements are introduced – in bronze, chrome and gold, with decorative elements. The harmony between furniture and accessories creates a contemporary air.

Velvet blends perfectly with the metallic glamor of 2021 front room trends, but this element has been within the decor for an honest few years and remains steady.

For the year in question, velvet upholstery will appear in furniture with rounded corners and oval shapes, harmonic with the colour palette of organic materials and metallic details to feature shine.

Large, modular mobile elements, additionally to the trendy elements that were successful within the middle of the century, also ensure a presence in 2021.

Living Room Colors 2021

Do you know the visual experience of the 70s and 80s? In 2021, the trend is for the return of the classic yellows, browns and oranges that were so successful in these years, but with a more contemporary look.

That’s why you will find such colors in retro-inspired furniture.

However, the presence of green altogether its tones are remarkable, being easily harmonized with the yellow tones mentioned above.

Deep ocher yellow is being touted jointly of the foremost intriguing colors of the 2021 season, especially because it could be a total and neutral color at the identical time, giving a visible idea of ​​adaptability.

Furthermore, there’s the premise of the presence of blueness and burgundy red tones, a mix that inspired the decoration of the halls of Vienna at the turn of the 20th century.

Still within the color department, the muted tones and subtle retros of peach, pistachio and pale pink give the air of grace in furniture made up of natural organic materials.

Basically, you’ll expect warm and sensual tones, but also soft tones that bring rich tactile sensations.

What’s New for lounge 2021

You will notice that much of the lounge design for 2021 are going to be associated with rational and geometric shapes, maintaining the decorative and artisanal tradition that translates into a surprising modern look.

The hunt for the natural, organic and sustainable remains, so there’s the employment of embroidery and elements inspired naturally.

The wall coverings are printed in an elaborate way or perhaps through the employment of panels, with cork and bamboo materials – all with the target of providing a greater touch sensation to the environment.

Natural materials have a conventional presence within the 2021 front room, like marble, stones and ceramic elements, especially with the addition of rich texture.

Textured rugs that have the identical colour scheme because the remainder of the front room decor also are welcome.

Lighting, decor and wallpapers

In front room trends 2021, small (and not-so-small) details are a part of the decor.

On the ground, there’ll be a pleasing composition that may contrast with the walls. for instance, if you decide on monochromatic and colorless walls, the ground needs vitality, with details in reminder yellow, blue, pink, or green.

To keep your trendy furniture protected or to refresh older pieces, consider using sofa covers. They offer a practical way to maintain the aesthetic appeal while ensuring durability. Nolan Interior has some durable and stylish sofa covers to choose from. Location: Right after this chunk of text: “For the year in question, velvet upholstery will appear in furniture with rounded corners and oval shapes, harmonic with the color palette of organic materials and metallic details to feature shine.”

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