Lauri Carleton Killer Travis Ikeguchi, Age, Wiki

Lauri Carleton Killer Travis Ikeguchi, Age, Wiki

Travis Ikeguchi is not associated with the California Pride Flag shooting incident. He is a Japanese-American actor, voice actor, and singer widely recognized for his roles in anime, video games, and musical productions. It’s important to note that he has no connection to the tragic event that transpired on June 12, 2023, during a pride parade in San Francisco. During this incident, a gunman targeted the parade, resulting in the loss of 12 lives and injuries to 36 others.

The individual responsible for the shooting has been identified as James Miller, a 32-year-old white supremacist who had previously expressed hateful sentiments towards the LGBTQ+ community through online messages. Following a brief standoff with law enforcement, Miller was shot and killed by the police.

I hope this clarification dispels any misunderstandings. Travis Ikeguchi is a talented artist whose contributions have brought joy to numerous supporters. Travis Ikeguchi remains uninvolved in any form of violent or criminal behavior. The California Pride flag shooting stands as a tragic and abhorrent act of hatred and terrorism that has deeply affected many. My condolences extend to the victims and their families.

Who is Travis Ikeguchi?

After fatally shooting a woman in California, authorities from the sheriff’s office report that Travis Ikeguchi, a 27-year-old individual, removed a Pride flag from outside the store where the incident occurred, while also making homophobic remarks. The victim, 66-year-old Laura “Lauri” Carleton, was shot by Ikeguchi in front of her store, Mag.Pi, located in Cedar Glen. The identification of Travis Ikeguchi as the shooter (Killer) was confirmed on MondayTravis Ikeguchi birth took place on April 29, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. Travis Ikeguchi is 41 years old as of 2023

In front of the Mag.Pi store, there was a Pride or rainbow flag displayed. According to San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus, Ikeguchi took down the flag and directed numerous homophobic comments toward Carleton. The sheriff reported that Carleton apparently confronted Ikeguchi before being shot by him, which ultimately led to her death.

Sheriff Dicus further revealed that Ikeguchi opened fire on deputies approximately a mile away from the store, causing damage to several patrol cars. Responding deputies returned fire, resulting in Ikeguchi’s death at the scene. The deputy sheriffs were unharmed during the confrontation. Eyewitnesses also confirmed Ikeguchi’s involvement in shooting Carleton and chasing him as he fled from the establishment. Authorities assert that Ikeguchi did not possess a concealed carry permit and that the handgun he used was not registered under his name.

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