Krystal Borrego Baddies East Scandals, Wiki, Age

Krystal Borrego Baddies East Scandals, Wiki, Age

Krystal Borrego, known as Smiley, is a 27-year-old reality TV star and cast member on the fourth season of “Baddies East.” Born on July 13, 1996, she hails from Miami, Florida, and is recognized for her aspirations in rapping and modeling. Smiley first appeared as a contestant on “Baddies East Auditions” and gained popularity for her involvement in various controversies and scandals on the show.

she is best known for being a cast member on the fourth season of “Baddies East” and has gained popularity on social media, with her Instagram account having around 220,000 followers.

What Happened to Krystal Borrego (Smiley) on Baddies East?

During Krystal Borrego time on “Baddies East,” Smiley was involved in several notable incidents. She had clashes with another rapper and baddie, Mariahlynn, leading to a physical altercation. She was also accused of stealing a pendant and was involved in a scandal where she falsely claimed to have had a miscarriage. Additionally, there were rumors about her faking a seizure during a confrontation in the show.

Despite these controversies, Smiley has maintained a strong social media presence. Krystal Borrego has a significant following on platforms like Instagram, where Krystal Borrego shares updates about her life and music. She has also been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including being the CEO and founder of Revengeful and a brand ambassador for FashionNova Curve.

Smiley’s sister, known as Strawberry, is also associated with her public life. In the entertainment industry, Smiley continues to work towards establishing her name and brand, demonstrating resilience and determination amidst the challenges and controversies she has faced.

Smiley, known as Krystal Borrego, faced significant drama during her time on the reality show “Baddies East.” Her journey on the show was marked by confrontations and personal struggles, especially with fellow contestant Mariahlynn. The conflict between Smiley and Mariahlynn began during the Baddies East Auditions and escalated further when Smiley was accused of taking Mariahlynn’s chain and pendant. This incident intensified their feud, drawing other cast members into the drama. Sukihana, another participant on the show, initially sided with Mariahlynn, contributing to the tension.

Additionally, Krystal Borrego time on the show was complicated by her claim of experiencing a miscarriage, which was met with skepticism by some cast members. This added to the already heightened drama and tensions within the show. The ongoing feud between Smiley and Mariahlynn culminated in physical altercations and led to significant friction on the show.

Overall, Smiley’s presence on “Baddies East” was characterized by her confrontational nature and involvement in disputes, which brought a dynamic and controversial energy to the season and left a lasting impression on both fans and fellow contestants.

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