Kokoi Baldo Accident, Obituary, Wiki, Age, Wife, Son

Kokoi Baldo Accident, Obituary, Wiki, Age, Wife, Son

Kokoi Baldo, born on June 4, 1979, in Negros Occidental, Philippines, is a renowned Filipino singer and songwriter celebrated for his distinctive reggae style and iconic dreadlocks. His musical journey gained momentum when he captivated both coaches and audiences alike during his participation in the second season of The Voice of the Philippines in 2014. Joining Team Sarah Geronimo, he advanced to the semi-finals, showcasing his unique voice and charisma.

Growing up in modest circumstances, Baldo immersed himself in music early on, learning to play the guitar. His artistic pursuits led him to perform in Boracay’s bars and resorts, where he also honed his skills as a fire dancer and tattoo artist. Influenced by reggae legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, he developed a profound passion for surfing and a connection with nature.

Baldo has an extensive discography, including notable singles like “One Day,” “Bilog na Naman ang Buwan,” and “Kapayapaan.” Collaborating with fellow artists such as Blakdyak, Ulibert, and Junior Kilat, he has left an indelible mark on the music scene. As a co-founder of the band Kokoi and Friends, he infuses reggae with a Filipino twist.

Currently based in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Baldo continues to create music and pursue his love for surfing. With his talent, charisma, and influence, Kokoi Baldo stands as a compelling and inspirational figure in the Philippine music industry, often hailed as the Bob Marley of the country.

Kokoi Baldo Accident Details

In a tragic turn of events, Kokoi Baldo, the 44-year-old singer born Juan Manuel Ubaldo, met with a fatal accident on December 8, 2023, in Bacolod City. The incident unfolded on the Circumferential Road in Barangay Mandalagan when Baldo, a resident of Country Homes Phase 1, was riding his motorcycle.

Around 1:30 AM, Baldo attempted to overtake a pickup truck on the road. Unfortunately, a truck carrying sugarcane was trailing closely behind the pickup. In the course of the overtaking maneuver, Baldo lost control of his motorcycle, leading to a devastating collision. He slid beneath the wheels of the truck, resulting in severe injuries.

Despite immediate efforts to save him, Baldo was rushed to the hospital and, sadly, was declared dead on arrival. His passing leaves a void in the music industry, marking the end of a talented and beloved reggae artist.

Baldo Wife, Sam, officially announced his passing on Baldo’s verified Facebook page. She appealed to the public to remove any posts depicting the accident scene. Reports indicate that the tragic incident occurred in Bacolod City.

Kokoi Baldo Family 

Beyond his musical career, Kokoi Baldo was a family man. He leaves behind a wife and a son named Alon. His extended family, including siblings, cousins, and other relatives, mourns the loss of their loved one. Notably, Baldo shared a close bond with his mother, Maria Monserrate Rodriguez Bello, who had moved to New York during her childhood in the 1950s.

While details about Kokoi Baldo father remain unknown, Baldo had a complex relationship with him, a narrative that he explored in his movie titled “Man Child.” This film delves into the intricacies of his connection with his father, adding a personal dimension to Baldo’s artistic expression.

Kokoi Baldo untimely death is a somber moment for the music community and his extensive network of friends, family, and fans. His legacy as a talented reggae singer, known for his participation in The Voice of the Philippines in 2014, will endure, even as those who knew and admired him mourn his passing.

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