Kevin McClam Missing| The Goose Creek Mystery

Kevin McClam Missing| The Goose Creek Mystery

The article provides information about Kevin McClam Missing’s case and the details of the case to help out the readers analyze the case. Are you aware of the news of a teenager who got missing in 1997? Are you willing to get the information about the mystery man and the investigation details? In 1997, a case was filed for the person found missing in the United States, which is yet to resolve.

Who is Kevin McClam?

Kevin Lamont McClam is the mysterious man found missing in 1997. He was observed missing from South Carolina in the United States, and after that, the police officials have not been able to get any link in the missing case yet! The sudden disappearance of the 14-year boy then is not yet solved. The teen vanished in a mysterious way one night after he told his family that he was about to play some more games. He was last seen at his house in Goose Creek, South Carolina, on 301st March 1997, at around 1 a.m. With the naval family background, they used to stay in the Charleston Naval Weapons Station.

Kevin McClam Missing Case

As per the reports, Kevin was enjoying his video games alongside his sister while his mother was not at home. On returning, they had a chat before his mother and sister went to sleep. On being asked whether he was going to sleep as well, he responded with a nod and expressed his intent to play more games.

His family woke up and found Kevin McClam missing from his room and found him nowhere in the house upon further search. Two days later, his clothes were found by the investigating officers at a construction site near his house. They were found detached around 5-10 feet on the roadside and had spray paint with no traces of any hustle at the site.

What did the eyewitness say during the investigation?

The eyewitnesses spotted someone same as the description of Kevin McClam walking across the dirt road at the construction site the very same day he was last seen in the afternoon. They also stated that the boy of Kevin’s description was found alone in a boxer and shoes and under no stress. Her mother termed the incident very strange as he would never leave without any intimation to the family and would return back to his place before dark. He was in the 8th class when he got missing and used to study at the Marrington Middle School in the United States.

Later, in 2006, the officials declared about the investigation of Kevin McClam Missing a homicide as per the latest forensic data and the statements from the local public. The search team was assigned to find out the remains of Kevin in Goose Creek in October 2006, but the result was negative. After a long investigation, an individual named Thomas McCardle, who was already alleged of the robbery, was suspected of the murder of the missing teenager in December 2006. Michael Moorcroft, another individual, came up with the statement that he, alongside McCardle, was involved in the murder of Kevin.

When Kevin was fount missing, the arrested suspects were in their teenage as well. Upon further investigation at the house of Moorcroft, the cadaver dogs gave a hint of possible human remains, but nothing was found when the area was dug by the officials. If the speculated murder of Kevin did not happen, then Kevin, who hails from Indianapolis, may be still alive at the age of 40 years currently in 2022 after he disappeared in 1997. His family shifted after the tragic incident from South Carolina to Georgia.

What was the description given by the witnesses of Kevin McClam at the time of his disappearance?

As per the sources and the investigation reports, he was described as a young boy about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 140 pounds. He was an Afro-American boy with dark black hair and had a gap in his upper teeth. He used Alexander as his last name and was found wearing a long sleeve shirt, long white pants, and sneakers.

Final Words

In the missing case of the mystery man Kevin McClam, we have observed that the police officials have tried their hearts out to get the links related to the case but were unable to achieve the desired outcome. The missing case of the Goose Creek is yet in suspense with speculation of Kevin being still alive.