Kent Christmas Biography, Divorce, Prophecy

Kent Christmas Biography

Kent Christmas Biography

Of all the countless Pastors & Evangelists out there, Kent Christmas is currently an upcoming cult leader who rose to fame after his 2020 prophecy about God’s wrath for establishing a New World Order unleashing untoward the world through the Covid19 Pandemic! His major work began when he founded and established the church christened Regeneration Nashville in 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee. His journey to constructing his own church began when he was aged 17, at which he started preaching at every available opportunity, at every available avenue.

He christened this church as The Kent Christmas Rock Church. Kent Christmas completed his high-schooling, and finally graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Most of Kent Christmas Biography sources mention that at the age of about 21, he had entirely devoted himself to the crusade of Evangelism, making it his full-time job to preach and spread the religion!

In the beginning, his preaching wasn’t easy being a self-taught pastor by delving deep into the religious literature at his own time & directions! All through these years it is believed that, Kent Christmas garnered accolades for his credentials through Union Theological Seminary and the Princeton Theological Seminary.

However, his efforts trudged him along through his journey across over 50 years, with an increasing number of fan following across the globe over these years! Currently, Kent Christmas has over 70,000 people subscribed to his Facebook page alone, not counting the actual number of people across the world! In a nutshell, Kent Christmas is a person whose sole profession is to spread the word of God to the people for increasing their faith in the good in God and Humans! His preaching sessions encompass a lot of quotes, stories and messages from the Holy Bible, citing noteworthy parts from the Bible itself.

His manner highlights the important aspects and the messages, in these stories, spread through the word of God. Not only does he personally tend to the people attending kent christmas sermons, but also he goads the local church establishments along with, to encourage the staff and the attendees into strengthening their faith and belief in the powerful messages as pronounced by the God in the Bible.

Kent Christmas Divorce, Personal Life and  Marriage

Being in the spotlight for religious reasons and purposes, Kent Christmas has been pretty secretive and under the radar, keeping a tight hold over the information about his personal life as well as of wife and children till date. For any Kent Christmas Biography, apart from the only information available mentioning the name of his wife, Candy with whom Kent Christmas has had been married for about 33 years, their divorce has been the only publicly released information till date.

Their brood blossomed with the birth of One Daughter, Carrie, and Two Sons,  Joshua and Nicholas, who further went on to gift them with the birth of Four Grandchildren! Even with these turn of events, the people following Kent Christmas till date and other new joiners are always enchanted to know the story about How Kent and Candy met before the entered the bliss of holy matrimony!

Of the two leading stories (of Kent Christmas Biography,) doing the rounds for over decades, one story narrative discusses the possibility of Kent and Candy having been introduced to each other through their respective families at one event. The other chronicle states them having met each other individually, and fallen head over heels in love, leading to a stable and happy married life for 33 years, up until their Kent Christmas Divorce.

Unfortunately, the dark shadows of current millennium, it can be said, having cast an evil spell on such a holy union seemed to have broken their relationship in the past year. The Divorce of Kent Christmas and Candy gathered much spotlight and media coverage, given that Kent is quite a noted public figure across the world. The real truth of reasons behind them filing for divorce are yet to be revealed, or may not be publicized if at all, and many people have been speculating for so long until now.

Many believe they haven’t filed for divorce at all and are living together happily, finding a middle way to mend their lives back together! However, not a single official proclamation has been made regarding this matter from neither Kent nor Candy till date! In fact, Candy wished him a happy Birthday publicly on Facebook, as well as always emphasizes on how much She loves Kent and is grateful to have found him early on in her Life!

Kent Christmas Prophecy

As for Kent Christmas Biography, Most of his prophecies encompass several expressions that would bolster any individual enough to inspire such person to rise up and out from his predicament, and emerge a winner or successful person with a positive and constructive view of Life that is a gift from God. Of all his sermons and sessions, Kent garnered fame and spotlight when he announced a never before mentioned prophecy in the wake of the current pandemic situation.

His recent Prophecy cantillation, he surmised that the Lord been having opened the gates of Heaven for faithful saints in his service, as well as those all who believe in his Son’s messages, and ultimately his judgement for the walking a tough, rough path to Salvation!

Such undaunted approaches of Kent Christmas has often brought him under the news radar time and again. Inadvertently, he has faced the ire of his adversaries for feigning false prophecies unto unsuspecting people following him.