Kelly Paniagua(Julian McMahon Spouse) Career, Marital Status, Net Worth, Age

Kelly Paniagua and Kelly Paniagua

Who is Kelly Paniagua?

For starters, a woman in love is more popular, if she is love interest of a celebrity personality, more so if it happens to be a leading Hollywood star. Add to it, if that guy happens to be the son of a former Australian Prime Minister,  then the news spotlight will find their way on to the couple in an season! Kelly Paniagua is much more than that! Garnering her popularity to Television shows over the past few years, Kelly began her career as an actress and model, after she completed her graduation. She is quite a famous TV personality in the Australia and America Television shows.

She is, herself a TV personality, known as the wife of Julian McMahon, who is an Australian American actor with quite a long list of movies to his credit! Julian gained tremendous fame for his widely known villainous character as Victor Von Doom or Dr. Doom in the first instalment of Fantastic Four franchise, which was released in 2005! Kelly Paniagua gained furthermore popularity across. Several other countries after her marriage with Julian McMahon. 

A Penwoman and An IT Wiz, Kelly Paniagua

Among the literary circles, She is a revered author, with quite a few award winning literature credited to her name. She wrote “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan”, a children storybook, which has won many an award from prestigious boards and institutions till date!  

Kelly Paniagua Bio

On the 15th day of December 1977, Kelly was born to a sweet couple of Spanish and Portuguese lineage, in Australia. Not much information is made public about her early schooling and college educational career. However, the fact remains that she pursued a unpretentious modelling career early on after her graduation was completed. As a devout Christian, her family is the core of her heart. She resides most of the time in her hometown in Australia. 

Paniagua’s Early life, Education and Family

To mention about her early life would be quite difficult as Kelly has had kept her early life details much under wraps like Gold locked away in Fort Knox! Nevertheless, she was passionate about modelling immediately after  she was done with her high school and further graduating education. Even her endeavours in modelling were or rather are hidden from public eye view till date. Kelly Paniagua seems to be paranoid in maintaining privacy about her personal life as much as possible, keeping most of her personal details under wraps from the public! Not much information can be unearthed about her past life or relationships before she met and married Julian McMahon.

Luckily, she hasn’t kept her penwomanship professional records unfathomable from the public scrutiny. At the age of 43 years old, she is a revered, award-winning penwoman, much popular across the literary circles for her multiple-award-winning children storybook — “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan”.

A New Mom for Madison, By Madison!

It so goes that, the pair  Julian and Kelly, actually dated for over 10 years or so, before walking down the aisle. Their romance began early in 2003, quite soon after Julian divorced his second wife, Brooke Burns, who was a Hollywood actress. In fact, the way Julian proposed her was a surprise event. While the duo, along with Julian’s daughter, Madison Elizabeth McMahon were on a flight to Paris, is when Julian along with help from Madison, arranged to propose Kelly inflight! A pre-planned surprise for Kelly Paniagua, by Julian and his daughter Madison! Shortly after, they both entered holy matrimony on the 1st of July in 2014 at the beautiful lakeside called Lake Tahoe in California!

Julian’s Wife Kelly and Their love life

After dating for more than 10 years, or about 11 years to be exact, Julian and Kelly seem to have found their perfect soulmates. It can besaid so, because, Julian was married twice before marrying her. His first marriage was with quite a popular pop-singer icon, Dannii Minogue, of Australia. Dannii also happens to be the world famous pop-singer kelly Minogue’s sister! Their marriage lasted only for about one and a half years. After which, Julian found dating with Brooke Burns his new past time. Soon they both got married, however this didn’t seem to be the perfect match made in heaven.

They divorced in about after 2 years or so. Quite shortly after, Julian found Kelly Paniagua, and it has been close to 2 decades now that they have been together, and all is well, comparatively! Both love each other as if teenagers in their first love!

Paniagua’s Father In Law Was The Prime Minister Of Australia

Julian was born as the second child to a lovely couple — the late former 20th Prime Minister of Australia, Sir William McMahon, and his late spouse, Lady Sonia McMahon. They christened him as Julian Dana William McMahon. Julian has two sisters, Melinda and Deborah.

When Did Kelly Paniagua And McMahon Meet? Are They Still Together?

According to known records and available information they both met initially in 2003. After dating for over 10 years, Julian decided to get married to her, and proposed her on a flight to Paris along with his daughter Madison. 

Kelly’s Husband Julian McMahon

A doting father to Madison, he hasn’t bred have any children with Kelly. Madison is his daughter from his marriage to Brooke Burns. Their family comprises father, mother, and daughter, along with pets, including four dogs, Koi fishes, birds, as well as a horse. Having no interest in pursuing Law at the University of Sydney, Julian mcmahoon dropped out of college and began focusing on his acting career early on.

Kelly Paniagua Profession and Net Worth

Being an author of critically acclaimed story books for children, Kelly is a prominent literary woman of letters! As of 2021, Her net worth stands at $16 million, which she has amassed from her continuous hard work over the years!