Kasey Altman Obituary | Sarcoma, Tiktok, Net Worth, Sister

Kasey Altman Obituary | Sarcoma, Tiktok, Net Worth, Sister

In this article, we will provide you with information about Kasey Altman Obituary. Have you heard about Kasey Altman? The news of Kasey Altman Obituary has gone viral on social media. The young Kasey from the United States was diagnosed with rare cancer and left the world.

Let us check more details about Kasey Altman Obituary (kasey altman eulogy) and the experiences she went through in her life span. Let us have a look at the cause of her death! Kasey Altman parents are in deep grief to hear her obituary news.

kasey altman research fund

Kasey Altman Obituary

The internet is flooded with the search for Kasey Altman Obituary after the people came to know about the death of the young girl. Following the news of her death, the people are keen to know the cause of the death of the young Kasey Altman. The death news of Kasey Altman is surfed by people across the globe. The internet news is questionable quite a time for their genuineness, but this time around the news of Kasey death is accurate enough. The viral news is true and the discussions regarding the Kasey Altman Obituary (obit) on Twitter confirm the death of the beautiful girl.

Kasey Altman TikTok 

Kasey Altman San Diego was a talented girl profound in her writing skills and was a speaker, content creator, legal advisor, former athlete, and AE at Google. She was full of creativity and her great entrepreneurial skills with good resilience. The 26-year-old Kasey claimed that the doctors had informed her that everything was alright before she was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer in October 2020. Kasey Altman symptoms initially were not enough to reveal her cancer.  After her consultation with 3 doctors, she preferred to verify once again and upon her consultation with the 4th doctor she was shocked by the reports.

Kasey Altman What kind of Cancer

She was diagnosed with a rare cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma which has a very less survival rate of 20% and is mostly seen in the low age group. They can affect adults as well, and they are in severe danger as the RMS grows faster in adults and so it is harder to treat them effectively in adults. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a sarcoma cancer that consists of the cells which generally develop in the skeletal muscles of the body. The skeletal muscles are those which we control and guide to function of various parts of the body. Kasey Altman sarcoma was incurable and very hard to treat.

The Account Executive at Google, Kasey Altman was brave enough to share her life-threatening journey and her miserable experiences on the social media platform TikTok. She disclosed her intent to go in public in an interview, to create awareness regarding the gender bias issue in the medical fraternity. She posted a video on her TikTok account which shows that Kasey Altman ex-boyfriend told her 3 years back to never chop off her curls nor lose her tan as that makes her look more pretty!

Kasey Altman Net Worth

The former athlete and Division I Volleyball player in her college was amassed to get herself employed as an AE in Google in the NY City. She completed her schooling at Scripps Ranch High School and was a brilliant student along with a great athlete. She was fond of traveling and explored many countries like Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and South America. She was diagnosed with stage 4 rare soft tissue cancer.

Kasey Altman sister Karli, Kasey Altman obituary

Her parents Jeff Altman and Delsee Altman shifted to New City following her shocking diagnosis of cancer to help her out with her chemo treatments. Kasey Altman sister Karli used to accompany her for her podcasts and shifted to NY City temporarily to support her. She was also up with meditation, used to post podcasts, and also a writer with her book Everyone Listens When You’re Dying getting published in 2023. Kasey Altman research fund of $550k+ which she raised in just a period of 5 months will be of help to the other survivors of her kind.

Final Words

In the content, we have shared information about the talented young girl Kasey Altman and her life experiences fighting a very rare stage 4 sarcoma cancer. The Kasey Altman Obituary (eulogy) is pretty hard and sad news for her family and her mates to digest. Let us pray for her pure soul to rest in peace.

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