Josh Nelson Car Accident

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Josh Nelson, a devoted husband, and father, tragically lost his life in a car accident on July 12th, 2023. He is survived by his two children, Eden and Willa, and his loving wife and best friend, Kayla.

Josh was known for his unwavering kindness, care, and generosity, especially when it came to his daughters. His family and friends remember him as a loving husband and a dedicated parent, and his absence leaves a void in their hearts.

The circumstances of the accident have not been disclosed by the authorities, who are currently investigating to determine the cause. The family has not yet made any announcements regarding the funeral arrangements but may do so in due course.

About Josh Nelson:

Joshua Nelson was a cherished friend and coworker, known for bringing happiness to the lives of those around him through his generosity and sense of humor. Many people were touched by his sincerity, loyalty, and unwavering determination. His contagious laughter, infectious smile, and distinctive sneezes will be deeply missed, as he was a truly one-of-a-kind individual.


Andrew Kerrigan is organizing a fundraiser on behalf of McKayla Nelson to support the family during this challenging time.

“Now that they no longer have him or his support, we are seeking any donation, big or small, to assist with the upcoming expenses his family will face. Thank you for your support.”

The campaign has already reached its initial goal of $1, with a total of $10,240 raised through 177 donations. The funds will aid in planning the burial and covering other expenses, benefiting Josh Nelson’s children as well.


Upon hearing the devastating news of Josh’s passing, many expressed their deep sorrow and offered condolences to his family on social media. They shared prayers and well-wishes for him in the afterlife.

“Rest in peace, Josh Nelson. My thoughts and prayers go out to your wife and two beautiful little girls. Tonight, I hold my loved ones close, reminded that life is full of uncertainties and that we must cherish every moment. Don’t wait to express your love and appreciation, for you never know when it might be the last time.”

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