Jordan Page Decided to Part Ways with Husband Bubba

Jordan Page Decided to Part Ways with Husband Bubba

The internet sensation Jordan Page has come into the headlines with her decision to part ways with her husband Bubba Page. Her fans and followers are curious to discover the reason behind the separation, as the news of their divorce got widespread on the internet. In this article, we will share information about the separation of Jordan Page from her husband Bubba.

Who is Jordan Page?

Jordan Page is a social media influencer who hails from The Dalles, Oregon. She pursued her studies in recreational management and youth leadership at Brigham Young University. Jordan rose to fame with her creative blog, Fun Cheap or Free, which is intended for budgeting. Moreover, she supervises The Page Company, with an aim to strengthen households and families by rendering diversified content related to education and motivation.

She came into the limelight after her appearances on Dr. Phil and The Today Show. Besides her successful career, she was also well-known due to her marriage relationship with Bubba Page which ended in 2024. She informed her fans about their separation through an Instagram post on 23rd March, 2024.

Who is Bubba Page?

Bubba Page is a successful businessman who received a degree in communications from Brigham Young University. In his journey as an entrepreneur, Bubba has co-founded many companies. Recently, he founded Influence VC in January 2023. Further, he is an angel investor for Phi, Seer, Torus, and Pelion Venture Partners. He also served as a columnist for Inc. Magazine.

Why did Jordan Page Announce Divorce from her husband Bubba?

The news of Jordan Page getting separated from her husband Bubba Page is a reality and not just a mere speculation. Jordan Page announced her divorce on social media with an Instagram post and revealed the news of their separation to their fans and followers.

The reason behind the divorce of the popular couple is not yet revealed. Jordan filed for a divorce and completed the paperwork to finalize the divorce with her husband Bubba on 12th March 2024, two weeks prior to their divorce announcement on social media.

Does Jordan have kids with Bubba Page?

Jordan and Bubba got into a married relationship in 2007 and recently ended their 17 years of togetherness as they got divorced. During their married relation, Jordan and Bubba had eight children together. The kids were named Priya, Beck, Devereux, Daivy, Joss, McEwan, Mory, and Brandsten.

Even after getting divorced, the couple have vowed that their separation won’t affect the upbringing of their children at any cost. They will continue to share the same bond of love and togetherness.

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