Jock Zonfrillo Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family

MasterChef Jock Zonfrillo Obituary, Cause of Death, Jock Zonfrillo Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family

MasterChef Judge Jock Zonfrillo: The Man Behind the Judge’s Table

Jock Zonfrillo is a familiar face to fans of MasterChef Australia. The Scottish-born chef has been a judge and mentor on the popular cooking show since 2019, bringing his expertise and passion for food to the contestants and viewers alike. But who is Jock Zonfrillo and his wiki, and how did he become a MasterChef judge?

Jock Zonfrillo Wiki, Early Life and Career

Jock Zonfrillo was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1976. He grew up in a family that loved food and cooking, and his interest in the culinary arts was sparked at a young age. After studying at a catering college in Scotland, Jock began his career in some of the top restaurants in London, working under chefs like Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay. Jock Zonfrillo age was 47 years old when he died.

In 2000, Jock moved to Australia and opened his first restaurant, Bistro Thierry in Melbourne. He went on to open a string of successful restaurants, including the acclaimed Restaurant Orana in Adelaide.

The Orana Years

Restaurant Orana quickly became one of Australia’s most celebrated restaurants, winning multiple awards and accolades under Jock’s leadership. But what set it apart was its focus on Indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques. Jock became passionate about learning from Indigenous communities and incorporating their knowledge into his cuisine, leading to a deeper appreciation and understanding of Australian food culture.

In 2018, Jock founded The Orana Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Indigenous food culture. The foundation’s mission is to support Indigenous communities in Australia and around the world by sharing knowledge, creating opportunities, and celebrating their unique culinary heritage.

Jock Zonfrillo Net Worth

Depending on the source, Jock Zonfrillo net worth was estimated to range from $1 million to $14 million. His primary sources of income were his career as a chef and his role as a TV presenter. As a judge on MasterChef Australia, he was reported to earn $500,000 annually.

Becoming a MasterChef Judge

Jock joined the MasterChef Australia team in 2019, alongside fellow judges Jock Zonfrillo and Melissa Leong. His role on the show is to guide and mentor the contestants, offering advice and feedback on their dishes. Jock is known for his honest and direct approach, as well as his deep knowledge of ingredients and techniques.

Some of Jock’s most memorable moments on the show include his emotional reaction to a contestant’s Indigenous-inspired dish and his impressive knowledge of pasta shapes and cooking methods.

Off the Judge’s Table

When he’s not on the set of MasterChef, Jock is actively involved in social and environmental causes. His work with The Orana Foundation is just one example of his commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible food practices. He has also been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and support in the food industry.

Looking to the future, Jock has many projects in the works. He plans to continue his advocacy for Indigenous ingredients and cooking and hopes to open a new restaurant in the near future.

Personal Life and Interests

Outside of his professional life, Jock enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his interests in music and art. He is a talented musician and songwriter and has performed in bands throughout his life. He also has a love for art and photography and often incorporates these passions into his culinary creations.

In his free time, Jock enjoys traveling and exploring new cuisines. Some of his favorite destinations include Italy, Japan, and Peru, where he can indulge in his love of pasta, sushi, and ceviche, respectively.

Jock Zonfrillo wife, family

Jock Zonfrillo, a renowned Australian chef and restaurateur, tied the knot with Lauren Fried, a businesswoman, and founder of a strategic marketing agency, on New Year’s Day in 2017. Together, they have two children, Alfie and Isla. Additionally, Jock has two daughters, Ava and Sophia, from his previous marriages.

Jock Zonfrillo wife, family

He held his family in high regard and frequently shared touching tributes and photos of them on his social media accounts. Before Lauren, Jock was married to a woman named Kelly, whom he met while on vacation in Australia. The couple relocated to London but returned to Sydney in 2000. Unfortunately, they separated in 2002.

Jock Zonfrillo cause of death

The official cause of Jock Zonfrillo’s passing has not been disclosed to the public, according to several sources. Jock was discovered deceased in his Melbourne hotel room during a welfare check conducted by the police at approximately 2 am on Sunday, May 1, 2023.

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Final Words

Jock Zonfrillo’s journey in the food industry has been a remarkable one, marked by innovation, passion, and a deep commitment to promoting Indigenous cuisine and culture. As a judge on MasterChef Australia, he has inspired and guided countless aspiring chefs, while his work with The Orana Foundation has had a profound impact on the industry as a whole. We can’t wait to see what Jock has in store for the future, both on and off the judge’s table.


What is Jock Zonfrillo’s background?

Jock Zonfrillo was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1976 and began his career in London before moving to Australia in 2000.

What is Restaurant Orana?

Restaurant Orana is a celebrated restaurant in Adelaide, Australia, known for its focus on Indigenous ingredients and cooking techniques.

What is The Orana Foundation?

The Orana Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Jock Zonfrillo, dedicated to preserving and promoting Indigenous food culture.

What is Jock Zonfrillo’s role on MasterChef Australia?

Jock Zonfrillo is a judge and mentor on MasterChef Australia, offering guidance and feedback to contestants.

What are Jock Zonfrillo’s interests outside of cooking?

Jock Zonfrillo is a talented musician and artist, as well as a lover of travel and exploration.

How many times has Jock Zonfrillo married?

He was married twice, Jock Zonfrillo first wife name Kelly, and his second wife name Lauren Fried.

How many kids does Jock Zonfrillo have?

he had 4 kids, 2 kids from his first wife Kelly, and 2 kids from his second wife. their name is Ava, Sophia, Alfie and Isla.

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