Jochen Goetz Car Accident, Age, Net Worth, Obituary

Jochen Goetz Car Accident, Age, Net Worth, Obituary

Jochen Goetz, the Chief Financial Officer of Daimler Truck, passed away in a tragic incident on August 7, 2023, as reported by news sources. The exact circumstances surrounding his untimely demise have not been disclosed by the company. At the age of 52, he leaves behind a grieving wife and two children. With a dedicated tenure of over 36 years at Daimler Group, Jochen Goetz played a pivotal role in the separation of Daimler Truck Holding from the present-day Mercedes-Benz Group in December 2021.

His leadership also greatly contributed to the heightened economic success of the company. Colleagues and superiors held him in high regard for his exceptional professionalism and his proactive and optimistic approach.

Jochen Goetz Net Worth

Based on information from online search results, Jochen Goetz’s net worth prior to his passing is approximated to be around $40,396,692 USD. This valuation is rooted in his cumulative earnings garnered throughout his tenure as the Chief Financial Officer of Daimler Truck, a prominent global enterprise specializing in commercial vehicles.

His affiliation with the Daimler Group commenced in 1987, initially as an apprentice, subsequently ascending through various roles in finance, control, and accounting within the organization. Assuming the role of CFO for Daimler Truck in July 2021, he played a pivotal part in orchestrating the separation of the company from its former entity, now recognized as the Mercedes-Benz Group, in December 2021.

Jochen Goetz commanded the esteem and wielded substantial influence within the automotive sector. His unforeseen death on Saturday, August 7, 2023, in what has been described as a “tragic Car accident,” constitutes a significant loss for both Daimler Truck and its stakeholders. Notably, the company has not divulged additional particulars pertaining to the circumstances surrounding his passing or the specifics of the incident.

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