Jim Scoutten Obituary, Cause of Death, Wiki, Age

Jim Scoutten Obituary, Cause of Death, Wiki, Age

Jim Scoutten obituary and the circumstances of his death. Various sources report that Jim Scoutten, the 77-year-old executive producer and managing partner at Tier One Media, LLC, as well as the esteemed host of Shooting USA on the Outdoor Channel, passed away on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

Born in 1945 and residing in Franklin, Tennessee, Jim Scoutten left us while surrounded by his beloved family and friends. His departure has left the shooting sports industry grieving the loss of a genuine legend who had an unwavering passion for firearms and enjoyed a long and remarkable career in journalism. At this time, the official cause of his passing has not been disclosed.

The shooting sports community has been plunged into deep sorrow and mourning since the tragic death of Jim Scoutten on July 18, 2023. Jim was widely regarded as a top expert in the shooting sports sector due to his unwavering journalistic integrity and his passion for high-caliber outdoor programming.

On social media, Jim Scoutten’s Shooting USA posted a heartfelt message to inform the public of his departure, stating that he played a pivotal role in the industry during his thirty years of reporting on shooting sports and that he will be greatly missed. The post ended with Jim’s signature sign-off: “As always, shoot safely, shoot often, and keep ’em in the ten rings” – Jim Scoutten.

Jim had been battling an illness for some time, but the specific cause of his death remains undisclosed.

Obituary details are set to be released by the family or officials shortly, allowing others to participate in Jim’s final rites.

Jim Scoutten Wiki | Bio

About Jim Scoutten, was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, and became warmly embraced by America’s shooting enthusiasts throughout his three-decade-long career. His extensive knowledge of firearms, genuine love for shooting sports, and unwavering journalistic integrity made him the most-watched firearms reporter in industry history.

Jim initially started his career as a general news reporter for All News Radio and later transitioned to television news, holding various roles such as reporter, anchor, producer, and news director in several U.S. cities. Eventually, he seized the opportunity to cover shooting sports and became a special interest reporter in the early 1990s, including coverage of racing. This led to his role as producer of the television program “American Shooter” in 1993.

Over his remarkable career spanning 25 years of sports broadcasting and thousands of shows, Jim Scoutten was honored with induction into Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in 2018. The following year, his son John, a veteran TV personality and producer who also competes in shooting, received the same honor as his father.

In tribute to his dear friend and industry partner, Jim Scoutten, John Scoutten expressed his heartfelt sorrow and acknowledged the valuable lessons Jim had taught him during their nearly 25 years of working together on Shooting USA and Impossible Shots.

The loss of Jim Scoutten is deeply felt by all who knew him, both within his family and among his dedicated employees. His legacy as an icon in the shooting sports industry will forever be remembered and cherished.

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