Is Stella Toner Dead or Alive? Missing Updates, Age, Wiki

Stella Toner Dead? Find Missing Updates

Stella Toner has been reported missing and the concerned people of her locality are worried and are curious to know about her whereabouts. She is 55 years of age and was reported missing on 14th August 2023. Her last message was found at 1.15 pm. The police officials and her community people are trying hard to search for her since she went missing.

Stella Toner Missing, Physical Appearance, Height

A mother went missing a few days back and the people of her community are worried about her. Stella Toner who is in the news for her missing hails from Strood. Her last connection was established on 14th August 2023 at 1.15 pm. Stella who is 55 years old, stands tall at 5 feet 3 inches, has a slim body figure, and has blonde hair.

She was in a grey tracksuit when she was last seen, and the same image is in the missing poster that is displayed for her identification. There are speculations that she might have headed to Rochester as she was seen by a stranger nearby The Esplanade on the very same day at 5.15 pm. The police officials are investigating the lead.

What exactly happened to Stella Toner?

The police officials are searching for Stella Toner who is reported missing from Strood. They believe that she might have left for Rochester. She was last in contact on 14th August at 1.15 pm, since then there is no contact established with her.

The Kent police officials have urged the local people to support them to find out the missing Stella and have displayed her picture in a grey tracksuit for her identification. They are not sure that she was in a grey tracksuit but it is assumed as per the reports.

What was the last location of Stella Toner?

The most recent communication from Stella was on Monday, August 14th, at 1:15 pm. She is described as a slender Caucasian woman with blonde hair, standing at approximately five feet three inches in height. The specific attire she was wearing at the time of her disappearance remains uncertain. However, certain accounts suggest that she vanished while dressed in a gray tracksuit.

Adding to the enigma, there is speculation that Stella may have traveled to Rochester. Law enforcement has received information indicating a potential sighting of her around 5:15 pm near The Esplanade on the very same day.

What is the Physical Appearance of Stella Toner?

Stella Toner is a fair 55 year-old-woman, who has a slender body shape, is 5 feet 3 inches tall, and has blonde hair. The physical appearance of the Strood woman has been shared with the media by police officials and also posted on different social media platforms to reach her quickly. If you possess any information, please reach out to Kent Police at 999 and provide reference number 15-0378.

What did her concerned people have to say about Stella Toner?

Kirsty, the daughter of a missing Strood woman, described her feelings with an online sad post. She was sad to announce her mother’s missing since Monday lunchtime. Her mother’s phone is not reachable and her bank cards were discovered in Rochester. The situation of her daughter is vulnerable and she is very sad about her mother’s missing.

People of her community and the local people of Strood and Rochester are showing their maximum support to the officials to find her out. They have made groups to search for Stella. The volunteers are conducting meet near Strood Post Office and at the Crown Pub in Rochester. They are willing to find Stella at the earliest.

Is Stella Toner found? Find Updates

While formal identification is still pending, the family of Stella Toner from Strood has been notified. Stella’s daughter, Kirsty Toner, conveyed the unfortunate information through a social media post. In her message, she disclosed that her mother’s remains were discovered in the River Medway on the evening of August 18.

Kirsty expressed her thankfulness for the assistance and compassion demonstrated by those who participated in the search efforts, spread the word, and offered words of support. The family is grateful for the assistance extended during the organized search operations in both Strood and Rochester.

Is Stella Toner Dead or Alive?

Stella Toner’s daughter Kirsty Toner was disturbed to post the sad news of her mother’s body discovered on 18th August in the River Medway. She posted this sad tidings on social media. The final identification reports have not arrived yet. Kirsty was really grateful and thanked everyone who was in the quest to find Stella, shared reliable information, and sent condolence messages. Authorities are currently in the procedure of creating a report for the coroner.

Who found the body of Stella Toner?

Stella Toner, a 55-year-old woman from Strood who had been reported as missing on Monday, August 14, 2023, was observed in the River Medway by authorities during the afternoon of Friday, August 18, 2023.

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