Is Joey Paras Still Alive or Dead? Age, siblings, Wiki, illness

Is Joey Paras Still Alive or Dead Age, siblings, Wiki, illness

Joey Paras, a versatile Filipino talent, wore many hats as an actor, filmmaker, singer, writer, playwright, film producer, and TV host. He was born on February 7, 1978, in Manila, Philippines. After earning a degree in Communication Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, he embarked on his career as a hotel lounge singer in South Korea and China before returning to the Philippines to follow his passion for theater and film. Notably, he was the creative mind behind “Bawal Tumawid, Nakakamatay,” a play selected for production in the seventh edition of Virgin Labfest (VLF).

 Joey Paras, a renowned Filipino actor, comedian, and filmmaker, was an only child by birth. Nevertheless, he shared a strong bond with his niece, Zciara Shyne Sinchon-Fabian, whom he regarded as a daughter.

Joey Paras, a prominent Filipino actor, comedian, and filmmaker, has passed away. He departed on October 29, 2023, at the age of 45, as a result of an undisclosed illness. He was renowned for his roles in both film and television, with notable appearances in productions such as “Last Supper Number 3,” “Mulawin vs Ravena,” and “Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki.”

Joey Paras illness

Joey Paras had been battling a heart condition, that led to surgery in 2018. In 2020, he also contracted COVID-19 and was scheduled for an upcoming angioplasty operation. His family and friends are currently in mourning, while they seek financial assistance to cover his medical expenses. He was a gifted and humorous individual who brought joy to many through his work. May he rest in peace.

The exact cause of Joey Paras passing, a well-known Filipino actor, comedian, and filmmaker, remains uncertain and has become the subject of online speculation and rumors. Nevertheless, his family has confirmed through social media that his demise was a result of a long-standing illness.

Joey Paras Cause of Death

Joey Paras had been contending with a severe heart condition since 2018, which necessitated an urgent angioplasty surgery. Additionally, he contracted COVID-19 in 2020 and was scheduled to undergo another heart surgery later on. In light of this, his family and friends are currently mourning his loss and seeking financial support to cover his hospital bills. At the time of Joey Paras passing, he was 45 years old, and his estimated net worth in 2023 was $1.5 million, according to an alternate source.

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