Influencer Veronika Loginova, Facing Six Years in Russian For Using Instagram

Beauty influencer, 18, facing six years in Russian.

Influencer Veronika Loginova facing 6 yrs in jail in Russia for using Instagram

A beautiful 18-year-old brave social media influencer, particularly in fashion styling, who hails from Russia has faced six years of prison after her Instagram account was tagged as ‘extremist activity. The Instagram fashion influencer Veronika Loginova has around 556k followers on her social media and is currently at risk of jail despite refraining from posting any political content on her social media.

She was alleged of ‘extremists’ activity’ by the Kuntsevskaya Public Prosecutor’s Office and was charged with luring the users to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook! In the recent past, the Russian court banned the social media sites Facebook and Instagram, accusing them of performing extremist activities. The country also took strict actions against the protestors and the news channels after the dispute of the country Ukraine in the month February.

In response to the accusation, Loginova shared a post on her Instagram account where she is seen in tears stating that she won’t be threatened with jail and would stop posting regular content on her social media. She even posted on her IG that there is a possibility of the prosecutors charging up to her every single day to her place. She was extremely depressed with the fact that she was at the risk of 6 years of imprisonment as she was alleged of the extremists’ activities despite refraining from posting any political content on her social media platform!

The fashion influencer described her feelings about the country where she can probably get a visit by police officials or prosecutors and threatened with 6 years of jail for using social media Instagram. She was shocked by the fact that she was actually alleged of luring the users to Facebook and Instagram. She is a prominent entrepreneur and a creative clothing brand owner who is regular in paying taxes to the country she resides in! She has been miles away from any political posts and has just trails of mental health information on her blogs.

The blogger and fashion Influencer Veronika Loginova, 18, has a considerable number of followers, around 556k on her social media account she started at the age of 15. She is not willing to get suppressed for the activities she has been staying far away from! She is surprised to be chosen amongst the millions of bloggers in Russia who describe their talent and views through their blogs on social media. She asked the public whether she should quit Instagram and flee away from Russia? She has not hesitated to share her feelings about the incident and is bold enough to expect the people’s support on her side.

She mentioned the multiple users of the social media platform, still not threatened to be active on the platform. The defense minister of Russia, Mr. Ksenia Shoigu’s daughter, shared her photo alongside her father on her Instagram in a private mode, whereas the Olympic celebrity skater Tatiana Navka, 47 years old, and Dmitry Peskov’s wife, is also very active on Instagram and she has not faced any threats like the fashion influencer did! Russia is up with its own social media application called Rossgram, but still, people are willing to use Instagram by accessing through a VPN.

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