Influence Of Video Marketing in The Fashion Industry

Influence Of Video Marketing in The Fashion Industry

Video is known to have a long-established bond with the glamour industry. And with the passage of time, this bond is getting even stronger with the overwhelming usage of video marketing as a tool of business improvement. All the major and established fashion brands are using video marketing to reach a wide range of audiences.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the ways in which video marketing has influenced the fashion industry:

Benefits of Video Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Although there are umpteen benefits of video marketing, let’s delve into the deeper insights of video marketing on the fashion industry:

1. Amplifies Web Traffic

Video marketing is an extremely influential tool if your business is seeking to garner a lot of traffic to your website and would want a high percentage of return visitors. This is precisely the reason why many fashion brands are coming out with strikingly fascinating videos to promote their fashion brands. Such an initiative helps the customer to understand the brand and the product offering, which eventually helps them choose the best product of their liking from a whole range of available products.

The modus operandi used by the brands pertains to remarketing videos to website visitors on social media after their initial visit to the website. Following the prospects on social media and serving them video ads at the right time helps the brand with familiarity and high recall. This can eventually lead to a purchase most of the time. You can create such video ads using ad makers. So now the question is what these brands are offering in their videos that compels the customer to purchase. The answer is:

• Narrating the brand story
• Sharing authentic customer testimonials
• Depicting the product usage
• Connecting the product with the customer’s lifestyle
• Showcasing critical features that differentiate the product
• Displaying stand out benefits that help accentuate the brand

2. Helps in Generating New Sales

While there might not be any dearth of digital marketing tools that can accentuate the propagation of a brand to a wider audience, these are not enough and do not have the impact that video marketing is able to conjure. With video marketing, a brand can narrate the story in an articulate manner to hold sway over the audience.
Numerous studies have shown that most customers make an impulse-based purchase right after watching a product video. Such facts reinforce the notion that video marketing is stupendously advantageous over other marketing tools currently available in the market.

3. Helpful in Educating New Users

Videos, by their very nature, are helpful in conveying to the customers about the product in a clear and precise manner. In other words, it can educate the user on how the product can fit into their current lifestyle. This is mainly done using explainer videos where the utility of the product is made understood to the potential customer in a manner that is alluring, unlike presenting them with text-heavy and bland documentation such as user manuals. Such is the impact of video marketing that it enhances the overall customer experience and helps the prospect make up their mind without having any second thoughts on the purchase.

Ways of Using Video Marketing

Social Media: While social media has been present for over a decade, it is the pervasive impact of video that is taking over the entirety of social media by storm. Even apps like Facebook and Instagram, which were initially not built for video, are supporting and prioritising video by a large margin. Such developments only mean that social media giants have recognized the power of video and how it can help brands extend their reach to a wider audience.

With every coming day, apps are reinventing themselves with new features like autoplay and live video. So, the onus is on the brands how they can best utilise the power of video offered by social media in giving their brand the necessary boost.

Webinars: The next alternative to reaching an audience is through webinars. It is a marketing strategy that has been long-held to be extremely useful for a brand. This helps in generating customers, but it can also come in handy for generating leads for the business. Numerous fashion brands in the market are hosting free webinars in exchange for personal information like name, email, and phone number. These can be utilised to a good measure in fostering a relationship with prospects and turning them into regular customers.

To put in perspective, hosting webinars is a potent medium for brands to harvest information from qualified leads with a large probability of converting them into customers. If your brand is not confident of hosting a webinar, then collaborating with a fashion influencer can be the best way forward. The brand gets the necessary exposure, with the influencer getting some monetary benefit from the association.

Virtual Reality: This is the newest and perhaps the most happening medium in video marketing out there. The crux of the tool is the level of entertainment it is able to provide to the end-user that is unlike any other tool out there right now. It gives the prospect the “feeling” of wearing the product. This is the closest a brand can get in getting a prospect to try a product without having tried the product to begin with. This kind of video marketing is hyper engaging and can even take the user to any place they want, both real and fictional.

Final Thoughts

The amount of flexibility offered by video marketing is quite extensive. In fact, brands are spoilt for choice in picking up a medium to position their brand. However, every fashion brand must remember to tell a genuine story about their brand without using another brand. Brands that have known to survive have made that choice of narrating and providing original content to their audience without having to resort to sub-standard tactics. Video marketing is powerful and can help a brand stand out from the clutter.

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