If I Were A Fish Song viral on TikTok 2023

If I Were A Fish Song viral on TikTok 2023

What is the Fish Song on TikTok? 

TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms in recent years, with millions of people logging in daily to watch, create, and share videos. One of the most recent viral sensations on the app is the ‘If I Were a Fish’ song, which has captured the hearts of many. In this article, we’ll delve into the origins of the viral fish song, explain its popularity, and discuss what makes it so appealing to TikTok users.

If I Were A Fish Song viral on TikTok 2023

The ‘If I Were a Fish’ song was first uploaded to TikTok on April 11, 2023. The song was written by singer Corook and their partner Olivia Barton, who came up with the first verse in just 10 minutes. The inspiration behind the song was to remember the joy of being different, with Corook explaining in the caption of the video that they were having an emotional day and feeling insecure and out of place.

Since its initial upload, the ‘If I Were a fish tiktok song has garnered over 13 million views and has been utilized in over 17,000 videos as a viral sound clip. Fans have been quick to share their love for the song in the comments, with many stating that it brings them a sense of joy and comfort.

If you’re an avid user of TikTok, chances are you’ve come across the viral ‘If I Were a Fish’ song on your FYP. But where did it come from and what’s the story behind this catchy tune?


@hicorook was having a very hard day so i got to hold them while they cried and then i said LETS MAKE A SILLY SONG out if this big feeling ✨✨✨✨ check out the comment section on this video in their page its unreal people can be so fucking sweet sometimes #originalmusic #corook #fishsong #couplegoals #fyp

♬ original sound – Olivia Barton

Over the past few years, numerous viral songs and sound clips have gained popularity on TikTok. One such song is ‘If I Were a Fish,’ which was first uploaded on April 11, 2023. The song’s first verse was penned by singer Corook and their partner Olivia Barton in just 10 minutes.

As the video went viral, it received an outpouring of love and support from viewers. Thousands of people commented on the video, expressing their admiration for the wholesome and uplifting message of the song.

The popularity of the song led Corook to release it on streaming platforms, with new verses added. Fans continued to show their love for the song, leading Corook to perform it in a local park where they were met with a sizable group of fans.

It’s clear that Corook and their partner believe that this song has the potential to become TikTok’s next big hit, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of more music from the talented duo.

Explaining the Popularity of ‘If I Were a Fish’

So why has the ‘If I Were a Fish’ song become so popular on TikTok? There are a few factors that have contributed to its success. Firstly, the song has a catchy and upbeat tune that is easy to remember and sing along to. This has made it perfect for creating viral trends and challenges, with users often lip-syncing and dancing to the song in their videos.

Secondly, the song has a positive and uplifting message that resonates with many TikTok users. The lyrics encourage people to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their differences, which is a message that is particularly important in today’s world where social media often promotes unrealistic standards of beauty and success.

Finally, the story behind the song has also contributed to its popularity. Knowing that the song was written by Corook and their partner as a way to deal with their own insecurities and feelings of being different makes it even more relatable and inspiring to listeners.

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The Future of Corook and the ‘If I Were a Fish’ Song

The success of the ‘If I Were a Fish’ song has been overwhelming for Corook and their partner, with the video going viral and the song being released on streaming platforms with new verses. The popularity of the song has also led to Corook being invited to perform at various events and shows, with fans eagerly waiting for more music from the talented singer.

In conclusion, the ‘If I Were a fish’ song has become a viral sensation on TikTok thanks to its catchy tune, positive message, and relatable story. As social media continues to shape our lives, it’s important to remember that embracing our differences and celebrating our uniqueness is what makes us truly special.


Who wrote the ‘If I Were a Fish’ song?

The song was written by singer Corook and their partner Olivia Barton.

The song has a catchy tune, a positive message, and a relatable story, all of which have contributed to its popularity on the platform.

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