How To Get Heard On Soundcloud


The most significant and influential internet music community is SoundCloud. They have altered how we think about how to distribute music online. They provide independent musicians with the space they need for do-it-yourself music marketing.

However, they also provide a tonne of other beneficial tools. Your project will gain more attention if you use them wisely and gain SoundCloud plays from relevant users – Register now.

To help you promote your music on SoundCloud, here are our best tips:

Utilize quality banners and profile images.

Spend some time preparing the profile picture and banner image. Using Canva or Crello and experimenting with some of the other online choices, you can quickly design your own. Create a logo that matches your banner if you decide to forgo a photo of yourself. Register now for getting organic growth.

Employ suitable genre and labeling

Use the appropriate tags for your song to increase its visibility. Consider what kinds of search terms would be suitable for your release. 1-2 genres, tempo, keys, artist name, and vibe/season are all acceptable inclusions. The trick is to combine this with an attention-grabbing album cover and the other advice given here.

Make careful to utilize this link to its full potential. Using a tool for bio links is a fantastic approach to achieving this. The beautiful thing about this is that you can add it to your social media networks and update it from a single location. It works nicely for creating playlists because you can link the playlist to the bio link in your description, which directs users to your profile and other playlists.

Create a narrative in the description

Tell a tale about the release and use the description to do so. Describe the music in a few phrases, and you shouldn’t have trouble coming up with something. If you want, you may even add the lyrics.

If it’s a collaboration, tag their profiles and include them. It’s a pleasure to have the credits given in the description when they are easily accessible on Soundcloud or another platform.

Purchase a quality record cover

We think having a suitable album cover is crucial for each new release you have. It is terrible to see so much music produced with awful album covers because it has become simple to at least have something acceptable. Don’t skip this stage because this marketing ploy dates back many years, all the way to vinyl art. Long-term, it will always be worthwhile.

Release your best work

If you don’t want to go the other direction and post a lot of previews, try sticking to only uploading your finest work. Use the other suggestions to ensure that you’re uploads appear tidy and organized rather than hastily done.

Changing the audio without erasing previous plays, likes, or comments

You can always change the audio on any upload if you have a SoundCloud Pro subscription. 

You don’t lose any of your fans’ plays, likes, or comments. It’s ideal for getting feedback on incomplete tracks that are shared.

Adjust your track in response to the criticisms, then re-upload it whenever you choose. Sharing does not have to be final. Make sharing a part of your production process by switching the audio.

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