Healthy and Nutritious Food Options for Next Corporate Event

Healthy and Nutritious Food Options

Food remains the most interesting part of the event, whether you are hosting it or attending it. As a host, one pays more attention to the food taste, style, and finalizing all components of the menu. Similarly, as a guest, one looks forward to the food and presentation. Clearly, this shows the great amount of pressure that exists when sourcing the right catering expert.

For utmost perfection, it’s a common practice to hire the professional event catering services in Dubai. Finding one depends on the brand niche, type of events they host, event timings, and much more. However, the catering companies that cut past the competition are able to stand out. This can be in the form of delivery style, healthy food options, budget packages, and much more.

For now, we will look at some of the healthy and nutritious food options that will help you become the most sought-after catering coming in the upcoming season.

Know Dietary Requirements

A caterer must know the dietary requirements before preparing the food. These include allergies and intolerances that are very important to help accommodate because of the health implications they carry. If any guest informs you of any food allergies, it is important to take those needs fully and practice good food allergy etiquette.

There are majorly 8 types of food allergies to be aware of and they include;

  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Wheat

One may also encounter food intolerances like Lactose and Gluten. In addition to this, there are certain foods that are restricted due to religious and cultural aspects. These are different for Muslims, Hindus, and Jews. Based on the community that you are serving, make sure that you are able to eliminate those restricting components from the food.

It might seem a bit difficult, but as a caterer, one can ask for the guests’ dietary requirements. This allows you to work on some of the alternatives and serve delicious food to the guests.

Look Out for The Quantities

Healthy food is a product of required ingredients incorporated with the right quantities and proportions. Adding excessive amounts will not only reduce the taste but will also reduce the ‘healthy component’. For instance, one can look for ways that will avoid frying the food. Rather, one can go for grilling, poaching, baking, broiling, roasting, or steaming the dishes.

Similarly, one can avoid excessive use of butter, cream, and other heavy ingredients. By minimizing the amount of fat, sugar, and salt in each dish, one can ensure that they have met the standards of preparing healthy food.

Keep A Check on Proportions

Serving and setting the proportion size is as important as preparing the food itself. A caterer should give proper thought to the portion size of each dish. Make sure it’s neither too big to finish nor too small to enjoy. For instance, the main course can be of medium-size and desserts can be smaller, rather than a large stacked version. Overall, the quantity should be properly thought upon.

Healthy Catering Menu

As a catering company that wants to be known for serving healthy food, one needs to become fully acquainted with that. Here is how to begin the work:

Breakfast Ideas

The business world is common to early morning meetings and breakfast items altogether. A breakfast catering menu should include options that are healthy and substantial that will leave your guests full but not stuffed. While there might be a lot of breakfast ideas in your mind, here are some of the best ones:

  • Pairing fresh fruit dishes with meat and cheese dishes can balance out the macros.
  • Variety of yogurts and healthy toppings like dried and fresh fruits
  • Selection of delectable mini pastries in small quantities to amuse the sweet tooths
  • Beverage options like infused waters, freshly-squeezed juices, herbal teas, coffees, etc.

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Business lunches don’t have to be complicated, boring, or unhealthy. One can make sure that the food being served is fresh, offers variety and healthy choices to choose from.

Similarly, planning a healthy dinner menu for a corporate event can be nerve-wracking. While everyone is looking for mouthwatering food options, one can please the guests and their wellness goals altogether.

  • Opting for a lunch box with a variety of wraps, vegetables, and fresh fruits
  • Focus on maintaining a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Make vegetables a start of the entrée
  • Never neglect the sides for a wholesome menu

Moving Forward

Being a caterer, from a professional corporate one to birthday party catering Dubai

one doesn’t have to make enormous changes to the menu to accommodate healthy choices. slight adjustments here and there can take a long way and leave the guests feeling satisfied. In doing so, don’t forget that presentation remains the finest trick to grab attention. So make sure, your menu looks too good to miss!

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