Haitham Kim Cause of Death, Wiki, Age, Husband, Obituary

Haitham Kim Cause of Death, Wiki, Age, Husband, Obituary

Haitham Kim, a Tanzanian vocalist renowned for her Bongo Flava music, a genre fusing hip hop, R&B, reggae, dancehall, and traditional Tanzanian elements, was born on June 6, 1995, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Her musical journey commenced at an early age, leading her to join the group Wakacha Crew in 2010.

Eventually, she embarked on a solo career, gracing her fans with memorable songs such as “Hakutaki,” “Dubai,” “I Wish,” “Utamu,” and “I Love You.” Collaborating with fellow African artists like Young Lunya, Jah Master, and Wema Sepetu enriched her musical portfolio. As of 2023, Haitham Kim is presently 28 years old.

Tanzania is the place of Haitham Kim’s birth and upbringing, where she first honed her talents. She gained widespread recognition for her chart-topping single “Playboy,” featuring Wema Sepetu, who held the title of Miss Tanzania in 2006.

Haitham Kim Cause of Death

Tragically, on Friday, September 1, 2023, Haitham Kim passed away at Temeke Hospital in Dar es Salaam due to respiratory complications stemming from an initial fever. Haitham Kim manager, Ben Q, conveyed the heartbreaking news via his social media platform, sharing a poignant photograph of her accompanied by the caption “Rest in peace.” Haitham Kim husband, Boshen, recounted that she had suddenly fallen ill with a fever, which subsequently escalated into breathing difficulties.

She was initially admitted to a regular ward before being transferred to the ICU. Friends, family, and fellow artists initiated a campaign to alleviate her medical expenses, with notable support from Konde Gang CEO Harmonize, Alikiba, and Nandy. Social media became a platform for fans and artists alike to express their grief and condolences.

Haitham Kim’s legacy lives on through her exceptional talent, captivating beauty, and magnetic charisma. She stood as a rising star in the realm of Bongo Flava music, with a promising future cut short. Her music and personality had endeared her to countless admirers, making her passing a profound loss that will be mourned by many.

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