Good Storage Plus Review: A True Review

Good Storage Plus Review: A True Review

Good storage plus is one of the Largest Self Storage Companies in Canada With the help of Good Storage Plus, you may store any item, including household items, vehicles, and jewelry.

They use moving aids like tape, boxes, and bubble wrap, to make the process smoother. They also have self-storage units in Barrie, and they also provide free delivery with a driver in this area. 

How do you know what type of storage you need? So well to know that you need to use the storage calculator in the website or talk to the manager for assistance. 

For the purpose of renting the facility, they required some crucial documents, including government-issued photo identification.

As you keep storing your goods under the guidance of this company, they will provide you with better deals and discounts. Now you might be unsure if you can trust this business. 

For those who are unsure about ordering from this business, the following comprehensive information will tell you everything you need to know.

About the company

Good Storage Plus has self-storage units in Barrie, provides great customer service, and has a friendly staff as well. Here you can store a wide range of objects such as valuables, papers, jewelry, keepsakes, and memorabilia.

The objects are safely stored in personal or business safety vaults. Not only that, the company now offers outdoor storage as well for boats and other goods.

They have become very popular in the field of self-storage in Canada due to the great deals they provide to their clients. 

Here you can store the goods on a monthly basis, but before you decide on moving out all the goods, you need to inform the company officials at least 30 days prior.

If you decide to visit their office, then you’ll find out that they even sell boxes and storage supplies in their office. 

Storage Options 

Now the main concern is whether you can trust this company with your valuables or not. Well, you can completely trust them as they are one of the top self-storage companies. 

They offer various storage options, such as storage vaults and mailboxes. If you opt for vaults, you can store your money, jewelry, bank documents, property documents, etc.

If you are on a business trip or going for a vacation, a mailbox is the best storage option for you. You can receive emails, letters, and even online packages through these mailboxes. 

They store the packages safely until you pick up the package and send you a notification whenever you get one. If you wish to cancel the mailbox, you can just autopsy, and it’ll be over.

Storage Tips 

The company also provides tips on how to store your goods. According to them, it is important to use even-sized boxes and to put a cover over the floor where the products are to protect them from damage.

They request you to put the storage 2×4 board on pallets or some other dry surface. In order to allow airflow, they advise leaving a little gap between the walls and the boxes.

Not only that, the instructions for storage containers include that they should have four sides that are adequately taped. They should also be able to support 25 to 30 pounds as well.

If you wish to store cushions on top of sofas, then wrap them in plastic. Glassware and dinnerware ought to be boxed up securely and wrapped in paper.

In order to avoid rust, the company instructs to use machine oil to clean everything made of metal. On top of upholstered furniture, they instruct to avoid placing heavy or pointy things. 

Picture frames and mirrors should be covered in cardboard, tagged “FRAGILE,” and placed on their ends before being stored. And the most important point is to not store anything combustible. 

You can get in touch with them if you have any queries about a certain item because they don’t accept liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, poisonous products, or perishables.

Payment Policy

The company accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards and debit cards. The majority of visitors have access to PAP (pre-authorized payment), which is the easiest, safest, and most practical method of payment. 

Not only that, they even accept cash in person. They can also sign up for monthly automated withdrawals from your bank, savings, or credit card accounts. They also handle formal transactions, allowing you to pay quickly and without hassle.


Good storage plus provides modern and clean delivery and is one of the best self-storage companies. If you store a sufficient amount of goods, you can get free delivery and driver and it’s available only for the Barrie area. 

The officials are very much helpful and will guide you. They have even come up with a new deal that will help you understand why you should opt for this company. 

This lucrative deal is that they are providing their customers with a free one-month trial to get accustomed to their policies. You should definitely give this company a try.

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