Good Girl Perfume|Fruity Almond by Dossier

Good Girl Perfume|Fruity Almond by Dossier

If you are searching for a classy perfume to wear for women, Good Girl perfume by Carolina Herrera is the best recommendation. Its sillage is thick, and the scent is long-lasting with primary accords of cocoa, white floral, almond, sweet, warm spicy, amber, tuberose, vanilla, powdery, and woody.

It is a high class perfume that will make you stand out in a reputed crowd and is the best to wear in parties and night events. Moreover, has introduced Carolina Herrera-inspired good girl perfume as Fruity Almond which has a similar fragrance and properties but at an affordable price. The longevity period of the Good Girl-inspired perfume may vary from the original one, but it ensures the maximum effect of the excellent girl perfume resemblance at a budget price. Good Girl Perfume Features

Good Girl Perfume is a unique classy scent with a peachy and white floral impact, in addition to the almond texture. It is mostly similar to the original one, even though it may not have the similarity in its top notes. Further, it has similar base notes as Carolina Herrera’s original one. The Fruity Almond by is a perfect alternative in the context of the price range, and it can last long as well.

What is the significant difference between Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume and its alternate option Fruity Almond by

When you feel both the perfumes, it is pretty challenging to execute the difference between the two perfumes. The smell of the good girl perfume is a bit more complex than the fruity almond. Moreover, as the fragrant is settled, there is no major difference between the two.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume

What is the smell of the original scent?

The primary accords of God Girl perfume are cocoa, white floral, almond, sweet, warm spicy, amber, tuberose, vanilla, powdery, and woody. The scent was introduced by Louise Turner in 2016.

Top notes: Almond, coffee, lemon, and bergamot

Middle notes: Orange blossom, orris, tuberose, and Bulgarian rose

Base notes: Tonka beans, musk, cacao, amber, vanilla, cashmere wood, praline, cedar, vanilla, and patchouli

The perfume has been successful in reaching out the classy women since its launch a few years back. The perfume is a symbol of power and sophistication with all the charm and sensuality it carries along. The fragrance has the most essential feature in that it signifies feminism and represents the power of women. The confidence level will be high as you start to receive compliments once you wear this perfume. It is not a perfume to carry on a daily basis and should be worn at special events and gatherings.

The Good Girl perfume is recognized for its classic coffee notes. It starts with the strong notes of almond and coffee and is preceded by the lemon and bergamot. The floral notes of tuberose, jasmine sambac, and orange blossom blend with orris and Bulgarian rose to produce a fantastic fragrance with a touch of feminism. The base notes, such as cacao, musk, tonka beans, and vanilla, prosper with the settlement of the fragrance. The perfume is much known for the notes of amber, cedar, cashmere wood, and patchouli.

How long does it last, and what is the sillage?

It has good longevity, and the sillage is thick. The performance of the perfume is constant and can last about 8 hours. The lasting time can be increased with proper application. It is the type of scent that would linger in the air even after a passage of a few days. It has a thick sillage, and it makes you stand out from others with different fragrant in the same room. The smell won’t disappear in thin air and will fetch you compliments on your smell.

The perfume has a sillage from moderate to vigorous level and will vanish over a period of time. The perfume will last long and not necessitate you to spray frequently. As the scent settles, the perfume will be more smooth and classy, and once it dries, it will make you recall the Burberry Brit.  

When can you wear it?

It is not the regular scent that you can wear all day long. It is a classy perfume suited for specific occasions. You can wear it when you are out for a party or a night gathering. Moreover, it is the best choice to wear when you are willing to move for a date. The aroma of the scent brings out emotions and sensuality. It is preferable to wear it in the falls and winters, but you can carry it even in summer and spring.

With the touch of spiciness and warmth in the perfume, it is an amazing alternative to wear in the fall and winter. The perfume will achieve success to get out that inner good girl from within and make you feel sexier. It does not fall in the category of wearing it when you go shopping, grocery store, office, or even in any casual places. It should be worn on specific occasions.

Fruity Almond by

The perfume is similar to the original Good Girl scent. It has a touch of almond and peach followed by floral notes like orris, orange blossom, and tuberose. The middle notes of almonds alongside vanilla, cacao, and tonka beans provide a sensual element. The dupe consists of other flavors like cedarwood, pink pepper, jasmine, lemon, and carrot seed as fillers in the formula to bring smoothness in the transition of the scent. The additional extracts bring more similarity to the original one and increase the lasting time.

This perfume is suitable to use on a regular basis with an affordable range. You can wear it to a night event, and it will increase your comfortability as it is less complex. Hence, it provides you an additional advantage to wear on any occasion, be it at your workplace, or even at home!

The sillage and longevity are also pretty good. It can last around 6 hours after application and even more if applied at the pulse points. The formula refrains the scent from vanishing in thin air in a short span. As it is an Eau De Parfum Spray, it will have traces of almond and peach and will not envelop on a complete basis. It does not have any coffee notes, and as it begins to fade, it resembles the original Good Girl perfume.

The 50ml Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum is available for purchase on multiple online platforms at a price of $86.84, whereas you can enjoy a similar touch of scent for just $29 with the Fruity Almond. The perfume is UV filter and colorant free. It is also paraben-phthalate-free, and has no harm to the animals being vegan & cruelty-free.

The Fruity Almond perfume is the best alternative to the original one, as the allows you to try the perfume and offers a full refund if it does not match your expectations. The returns are not reused, and they are donated to charity, which ensures no wastage of the product.

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