Georgia man Raheel shot ex-wife Sania Khan at Streeterville.

Georgia man Raheel shot ex-wife Sania Khan at Streeterville.

In this article, we will share the information about the Georgia man Raheel shot ex-wife Sania Khan at Streeterville and the exact details of the tragic incident.

Have you heard about Raheel Ahmed from Georgia? Are you aware of the incident in which Georgia man Raheel shot his ex-wife and then killed himself?

Sania Khan, a specialist photographer got murdered in a brutal way on 18th July 2022, Monday at her Streeterville condo in the United States. She was killed by her estranged husband, Raheel Ahmad, who further killed himself as the police arrived at the condo. The police officials found Sania and Raheel dead at the scene when they reached. The tragic incident occurred at block 200, East Ohio Street, in the Streeterville condo apartment at around 4.30 pm.

Who is Raheel Ahmad?

There is not much information yet sourced about Raheel Ahmad, but one of her ex-wife Sania’s colleagues stated that the couple decided to part ways in 2021. The exact information related to their divorce has not been updated. Even though there is not much clarity about their current relationship status, it is pretty clear that the couple were not on happy terms.

Who is Sania Khan?

She was a fabulous photographer with expertise in wedding shots and clicking happy couples. The caption on her professional website shows her dedication to her work to capture the most precious moments of her life. She wrote in her IG bio that she helped people fall in love with themselves and each other in front of the camera. She shifted to Chicago in June the previous year, being raised in Chattanooga, Tenn.

She loved to explore new places, and her favorite layover place was Chicago, where she finally moved to 2 years later. She has been very creative with her photography since her early days at the Chattanooga School for Arts & Science. She was a scholar in psychology in her college days and pursued her photography career alongside her studies. She worked as a social worker and chose to be a flight attendant with her extreme love for travel photography which she pursued finally as a full-time career.

Georgia man Raheel shot ex-wife Sania Khan

How did the incident happen at Streeterville?

A man from Georgia traveled to Alpharetta in Georgia, in the United States and shot his ex-wife Sania Khan in her Streeterville condo on 18th July, Monday and further shot himself as the police officials reached the site and tried to get inside the condo, as per the reports from the officials. The police officers arrived at the condo located at 200 Block, East Ohio Street at around 4.30 pm after the Alpharetta police demanded a well-being check on Raheel Ahmad, 36, who was reported missing from the suburbs in Atlanta by his family.

The Alpharetta police officer told the Chicago police department that Raheel and his wife Sania, 29 years of age, were passing through the divorce phase and were traveling to Chicago in depression to retrieve the marriage. However, their friends of Sania told the Sun-Times about the finalization of their divorce in May 2022.

The officers reached the site where they heard a gunshot and a painful sound. As they entered the condo, they found Khan unconscious lying at the door being shot in her head, and the blood on her face that already dried out assuming that Raheel had killed her moments ago. With a further search, Raheel Ahmad was found lying in the bedroom, shot in his head as per the reports.

A 9mm Glock handgun was found in his hand, and discovered a suicide note nearby. Her wife was declared dead at the scene by Cook County medical examiner, and Raheel was headed to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital and announced dead in the hospital. Sania’s death was a homicide, and Ahmad’s death was declared a suicide.

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One of Sania’s friends from her school days, Grant, told the Sun-Times that she was about to move back to her house as she was planning a future in her photography career. He expressed his grief and wrote on social media that she left too early as she was just about to begin the new chapter of her life! And prayed for the grateful and the dedicated soul.

Final Words

The article gives information about the brutal murder followed by suicide in the condo at Streeterville, where Raheel Ahmad killed her ex-wife Sania Khan and later shot himself with a 9mm handgun. The police officers reached the spot where Khan was confirmed dead, and Ahmad was also declared dead at the hospital.

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